A positive outlook for Scotland’s EV drivers in 2024

Daniel Forsberg, marketing manager for EVSE at global vehicle charging brand CTEK

Scotland’s Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers can anticipate a transformative 2024, with an extensive installation of new public charge points, enhancing accessibility and reliability.

IN the coming year, EV drivers in Scotland will witness a substantial increase in functional charge points across visitor destinations, ensuring seamless charging experiences. The days of hoping for working EV charging at public places will be replaced by an expectation for widespread availability.

The pioneering destinations that initially installed EV charging to cater to early adopters will become the norm in 2024. Scottish venues without EV charging risk losing appeal to drivers, emphasising the need for widespread infrastructure development.

CTEK’s 2023 YouGov survey revealed that over half (52%) of UK EV drivers experienced waiting times at public chargers, underscoring the urgency for expanded charging networks.

The landscape of EV adoption is evolving, with 2024 expected to witness the UK’s millionth EV on the road and a surge in demand for used EVs. While the growth in new EV sales may slow, overall EV sales, including used EVs, are anticipated to rise.

Younger drivers, renters, workers, and used car buyers will play pivotal roles in the increasing adoption of EVs. CTEK’s survey found that 20% of Scottish respondents plan to opt for a fully electric or plug-in hybrid EV as their next vehicle, with 12% specifically seeking used EVs.

The shift towards affordable Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) is predicted to outpace Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) in new sales. As EV ownership grows, a fundamental change in public charging availability is expected.

In December 2023, the UK celebrated the installation of its 10,000th rapid or ultra-rapid charge point, marking a 50% growth in the overall public charging network for the year. The momentum is set to continue in 2024, with tens of thousands of new charging devices planned.

Operators of public EV charge points aim to achieve a 99% network reliability rate by November 2024, addressing concerns about broken chargers reported by 50% of UK EV drivers in CTEK’s 2023 survey.

Enhancements in contactless payments, roaming, reporting, helplines, open data, and pricing transparency are expected in 2024, contributing to a more user-friendly charging experience. Artificial intelligence will likely play a role in predictive maintenance, ensuring network stability.

Energy providers and grid operators will continue initiatives and trials, contributing to the nation’s transition to renewable electricity generation and storage. Home-charging EV owners in Scotland can expect increased integration of their EV batteries into home energy grids, offering cost savings and grid stabilisation.

CTEK envisions a dynamic year for the EV community, with ongoing innovation and collaborative efforts among owners, charge point operators, energy companies, the grid, and the government.

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