AI revolutionises healthcare in Aberdeen

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THE Opportunity North East (ONE) initiative is spearheading a transformative wave in the life sciences sector, with a particular focus on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. ONE, dedicated to fostering innovation-driven enterprises, is making significant strides in revolutionising patient outcomes and health delivery through cutting-edge AI technologies.

ONE BioHub: A Hub of Innovation

Central to ONE’s vision is ONE BioHub, a vibrant ecosystem within the Foresterhill Health Campus. Here, life sciences entrepreneurs collaborate, innovate, and commercialise groundbreaking therapies, treatments, and technologies. ONE BioHub acts as a focal point for commercial research and innovation, fostering collaboration among academic, clinical, and research professionals.

AI in Healthcare: A Game-Changer for NHS Grampian

At a recent ONE Life Sciences network event held at ONE BioHub, experts discussed the groundbreaking potential of AI in healthcare, focusing particularly on NHS Grampian. Dr. Gerald Lip, Clinical Director at the North East of Scotland Breast Screening Programme, and Carla Brackstone, Senior Partnerships Manager at Kheiron Medical Technologies, shed light on the adoption of AI in breast cancer detection.

Kheiron Medical Technologies’ Mia®️ (Mammography Intelligent Assessment) software, utilising AI, analyses digital mammography images. In collaboration with NHS Grampian and the University of Aberdeen, the Gemini project evaluates AI’s efficacy in breast cancer detection. Gerald highlighted AI’s ability to enhance cancer detection while reducing false positives, addressing workforce shortages and reducing result waiting times.

Brackstone emphasised Mia’s role in empowering screening services, delivering accurate results through deep learning technology. The adoption of Mia in breast cancer screening garnered international recognition, placing Aberdeen on the global map for healthcare innovation.

Aberdeen: A Global Leader in Innovation

Aberdeen stands as a beacon of innovation in life sciences, boasting a legacy of medical breakthroughs, including the invention of the MRI scanner and life-saving insulin drug synthesis. The city’s collaborative efforts and high-impact research bring cutting-edge technologies to the region, benefiting patients and propelling international research.

Gerald emphasised the value of collaborative efforts, highlighting the region’s access to advanced technology and international-level research, benefiting both patients and professionals. Carla echoed this sentiment, underscoring the importance of partnerships in driving successful initiatives.

ONE’s Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

ONE’s commitment to the life sciences sector is evident through ONE BioHub. This initiative provides a nurturing environment for innovation, offering resources, mentoring, growth programs, and networking opportunities. ONE’s investment in ONE BioHub emphasises its dedication to fostering high-value life sciences businesses, driving commercialization, and creating skilled job opportunities in the region.

As Aberdeen continues to lead the charge in healthcare innovation, AI stands at the forefront, transforming patient care and solidifying the city’s reputation as a global hub of healthcare excellence. With ONE’s unwavering support, the future of healthcare in Aberdeen is not just promising; it’s revolutionary.

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