AI Seoul Summit: First companies sign up to international AI safety standards


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that 16 leading international companies have committed to new voluntary international AI standards established at the Bletchley Park summit.

These standards aim to foster transparency, accountability, and research the risk in AI development.

Roman Kucera, Chief Technology Officer at Ataccama, commented: “Six months is relatively little time to show significant progress, but the international commitment to maintaining momentum on developing AI safety standards is a positive step forward towards trustworthy AI.

We would like to see clarity around the establishment of guardrails for ensuring transparency within training data and, more broadly, any data usage for AI models to mitigate the risks of bias and inaccuracy. Good quality, governed data is the foundation to AI and maintaining that quality is an ongoing task that any organisation undertaking AI adoption needs to future proof.”

Companies have agreed to work towards enhanced information sharing, investment in AI and addressing societal risks associated with AI.

Calls have been made for greater transparency to mitigate risks of biased or incomplete data.

Derek Mackenzie, Chief Executive of Investigo, part of The IN Group, comments: “With the technology landscape constantly evolving, upskilling is essential to stay ahead of the curve. Our Tech in the Boardroom report revealed that 62 per cent of executives are prioritising hiring AI experts to capitalise on advancements of AI technology, showing just how important grasping AI is for businesses.

Utilising these advancements is one thing, but understanding the safety standards of these technologies will ensure compliance across the board. It’s promising to see businesses taking this seriously to ensure there’s transparency and accountability.”

Sachin Agrawal, Managing Director, Zoho UK commented: “AI safety standards are a welcome sign of progress and we hope to continue to see collaboration between government, business, academia and industry experts to help guide the best way forward for safe use of AI to drive business growth.”

“Companies that use AI should prioritise ethical considerations and responsible data practices in order to build customer trust. Adopting the right AI procedures could mean going further than current privacy regulations and considering what is most ethical to balance the benefits of AI without compromising customer data and to ensure any practices are fully transparent.”

“As AI continues to transform various industries, it presents both benefits and concerns for businesses. While it is encouraging to see these first steps towards safe use of AI, more robust regulations and educational guidance remain crucial to ensure the ethical development and deployment of AI and the success it can drive within business.”

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