Bitcoin Collective Conference adds Dr Lisa Cameron MP and Fidelity to packed line-up

Jordan Walker, CEO of The Bitcoin Collective. Manuel Nordeste, director at Fidelity Digital Assets.

THE UK’s first major Bitcoin conference has announced two more high-profile speakers from the worlds of politics and investment.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets, and Manuel Nordeste from global asset manager Fidelity have been added to the line-up for the Bitcoin Collective Conference.

The conference – the first of its kind in the country – will be held on October 21-22, 2022 in Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms.

Dr Cameron MP is leading a parliamentary cross-party inquiry into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, exploring the opportunities and challenges it presents for growth and competitiveness in financial markets.

As well as delivering a keynote speech, she will take part in a panel discussion on the role government and politicians can play in the top-down adoption of Bitcoin.

Manuel Nordeste is a director at Fidelity Digital Assets, which offers an enterprise-grade digital asset platform and investment solutions. He will join a panel looking at what impact Bitcoin has, and is expected to have, on an institutional level.

Using his in-depth knowledge of the Bitcoin sphere, he will provide insights into how financial and professional service providers can integrate Bitcoin into their portfolios to avoid being left behind.

Bitcoin Collective co-founder and CEO Jordan Walker said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Dr Lisa Cameron MP and Manuel Nordeste from Fidelity Digital Assets to the Bitcoin Collective Conference this October. Both have incredible insights into where Bitcoin can take us in the future, and the opportunities it presents.

“As more and more people recognise the failings of traditional global financial structures, it is our responsibility as Bitcoiners to educate and inspire others to embrace Bitcoin. We are passionate about Bitcoin, and truly believe it is the way forward.

“The Bitcoin Collective Conference isn’t a place to buy and sell. It’s an opportunity for newcomers and experienced Bitcoiners to come together to learn more about Bitcoin and to exchange ideas; for business leaders to explore how their operations can be enhanced by embracing Bitcoin; and to bring knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin to a far greater audience here in the UK.”

The Bitcoin Collective Conference is the UK’s first major Bitcoin event, bringing some of the world’s greatest Bitcoin advocates and thought leaders together with 750 delegates to learn and share insights into this foundational cryptocurrency.

With many global speakers appearing for the first time in the UK, the Bitcoin Collective Conference provides the ideal opportunity for newcomers to the space and knowledgeable Bitcoiners alike to hear from leading experts.

Speakers at the inaugural conference include Adam Back, CEO and founder of Blockstream and creator of Hashcash which underlies Bitcoin’s technology; Lee Bratcher, president and founder of the Texas Blockchain Council; Natalie Brunell, host of Coin Stories and Hard Money; and Bitcoin strategist and 30-year bond trader Greg Foss.

Over the course of two days, delegates will have the opportunity to hear from the world’s leading Bitcoin specialists in keynote speeches and panel discussions, meet with like-minded people, browse an expansive exhibition hall, and learn more about how Bitcoin is changing global financial markets.

The Bitcoin Collective Conference powered by OKX takes place from October 21-22, 2022 at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Tickets cost £149 and can be purchased in pounds sterling or Bitcoin from For more information and inspiration, follow the Bitcoin Collective on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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