Cloud no longer the new kid on the block: But SMEs risk falling behind

Juliet Moran, from TelephoneSystems.Cloud

SMALL businesses need to conquer their fears of cloud technology if they are to thrive in the next decade, experts have warned.

Experts from claim many small companies still remain wary of using cloud technology and perceive it as something new and untested.

But the reality is cloud systems have been around for more than 20 years and have been improving throughout that time.

Far from being a technological new kid on the block, the experts say cloud technology is now in its mid twenties and should no longer be perceived as something new. have been specialising in cloud based storage systems since 2001 and the team there say that while most organisations and individuals have now embraced the technology, a sizeable number remain sceptical.

Just as many people still like to print off their photos and display them in albums, some companies and organisations still feel they need to pay for expensive servers to store their own data with many still printing hard copies of documents and storing them in filing cabinets.

But cloud storage offers a much more affordable and sustainable alternative to paying for expensive and energy consuming servers.

Juliet Moran, Technical Director of said cloud technology had come a long way in the past two decades.

“We have been specialising in cloud based storage systems since the early days of the technology and have 22 years experience of offering solutions to businesses and organisations.

“In the earliest days of cloud technology people were very concerned about storing their data off site in the cloud with many preferring to retain expensive and inefficient servers on their own premises.

“Over the years most people have come to understand the merits of using the cloud and most businesses have now migrated across to this much more efficient technology.

“As more and more organisations adopt cloud based storage solutions the cost has come down making it even more attractive and affordable compared to traditional data servers.

“Yet there still remains a minority of decision makers within businesses and organisations who are sceptical about cloud storage and perhaps concerned their data is unsafe.

“The reality is storing data on the cloud is actually far safer than storing it on a server which could fail at any time and may not be properly backed up.

“It really is time to call a halt to cloud technology scepticism and for people to realise that this tech is not the new kid on the block anymore.

“It’s now a grown up mature technology which has been around for more than 20 years and which has been invested in heavily across all of that time.

“Over the next decade this technology is set to make further strides and those who haven’t got on board risk being left behind.

“I would urge anyone who isn’t using the cloud for their data storage to overcome their fears and to sign up for this technology right away.

“It really does offer a wealth of benefits including cost savings, more secure backup and greater sustainability. There really is no good reason to avoid cloud based technology in 2023.”

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