DLA Piper partners with Reveal to launch AI-powered solution to detect corporate bribery

Ilan Sherr (DLA Piper)

EDINBURGH-based law firm DLA Piper has today announced the launch of Aiscension Bribery, an AI-enabled service designed to detect bribery risks within corporations. It revolutionises the way risks are found by marrying DLA Piper’s legal know-how with cutting-edge AI technology from Reveal, a leading provider of AI-powered e-Discovery software.  

Being found guilty of bribery and corruption pose a serious threat to an organisation’s operations. Fines can often reach into the hundreds of millions of pounds and the potential damage to reputation can be unquantifiable. Over the past five years the total value of publicly announced fines were in excess of £11 billion – only the tip of the iceberg given that many fines are settled out of court and go unannounced. Given the high levels of risk involved it is essential that organisations have preventative measures in place and conduct regular reviews, which are both time consuming and often expensive.

Aiscension Bribery allows investigations or compliance reviews to be run 10 times faster, more accurately and cost effectively than any other option. The AI also triangulates data in ways human reviewers can’t and identifies patterns and anomalies in vast amounts of textual data. It can also analyse data in over 100 languages.

The AI software is trained by DLA Piper lawyers to detect the key forms of bribery behaviour including the giving or receiving of a bribe, circumventing internal procedures, kickbacks and facilitation payments. This custom-built model is powered by Reveal’s end-to-end platform, which uses adaptive AI and behavioural analysis.

Ilan Sherr, Legal Director at DLA Piper and Executive Director of Aiscension commented: “Being found guilty of bribery can have very serious consequences for an organisation. An infringement can involve large fines, criminal sanctions and lasting damage to a firm’s brand and reputation. Aiscension Bribery utilises the power of AI to analyse vast amounts of data in order to unearth potential and real breaches. This frees up time for our lawyers to give strategic advice and for clients to implement preventative measures.”

Wendell Jisa, Founder & CEO of Reveal, added: “By combining DLA Piper’s deep legal knowledge with Reveal’s leading AI technology, we’ve created a solution that slashes investigation and compliance review times while enhancing accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Our AI software, trained by DLA Piper lawyers, identifies patterns and anomalies in vast amounts of textual data, to detect bribery behaviour and allow organizations to proactively address bribery risks, protect their operations, and safeguard their reputation.”

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