Don’t put your life in the hands of a robot: 5 reasons why you shouldn’t opt for self-driving cars


SELF-Driving cars used to be the stuff of sci fi movies, but it is now becoming a real-life prospect for many. Elon Musk and his Tesla brand have been the personification of modern motors for several years now and the self-driving car has been their holy grail of

However, a former employee has spoken out against the company and said that self-driving cars may not be as safe as people think.

First Vehicle Leasing is a car leasing company in the UK and specialises in providing high quality, safe and affordable cars to customers for hire.

Our cars go through significant inspections and quality control, ensuring that the customer is always safe.

We see not only the safety, but personal aspect of manually driving a car and have conducted research into why you should continue to drive yourself.

With that, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t opt for a self-driving car.


For many people, the biggest advantage of manual driving is the sense of control it provides. A human driver can react to a variety of situations in ways that a self-driving car may not be able to. For example, a human can assess the intentions of pedestrians, cyclists, or other drivers, which is something that self-driving cars struggle with.

Technology limitations:

Despite advancements, there are still limitations to what self-driving technology can do. According to research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), self-driving cars struggle in complex urban environments or in poor weather conditions. They also may not be able to handle unexpected situations like road work or detours as well as a human driver.

Ethical concerns:

There are also ethical considerations that make manual driving preferable for some people. A study published in Science magazine revealed that people often have mixed feelings about self-driving cars making decisions during potentially life-threatening situations.


Manual cars are less likely to be hacked, which is a concern with self-driving cars. As technology progresses, so do the methods of hackers. In a report by the Department for Transport, they acknowledged the risk of hacking as a real concern for autonomous vehicles.

Enjoyment of driving:

Finally, many people simply enjoy the act of driving – the feel of the wheel, the ability to control the vehicle, the freedom it provides. This is something that a self-driving car can’t replicate.

Shannon Coventry, marketing manager of First Vehicle Leasing, said:

“Our main priority is always customer safety, the news coming out of Tesla today is concerning and this is why self-driving cars are not a road we are looking to go down. Automation cannot identify human error and it also takes away from the enjoyment of driving your own car. Furthermore, the cost of self-driving cars is exorbitant and why should the consumer pay more to be less safe? We should be driving our own cars for the foreseeable future.” 

For more information on First Vehicles Solutions, please visit their website here.

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