Elevision officially launches in London as it looks to redefine the UK’s digital-out-of-home landscape

Elevision's CEO, Niall Sallam

ELEVISION, a pioneer in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media solutions, proudly announces its international expansion into the United Kingdom. The Dubai-based company is set to redefine the industry by bringing digital advertising screens to lifts in residential properties for the first time in the UK. With 63 buildings already signed and installed, another 30 buildings signed and in the installation schedule, and hundreds more in the pipeline, Elevision will first focus on London before expanding to other cities across the country.

Elevision’s CEO, Niall Sallam, expressed his excitement about the milestone, saying, “Our journey from the heart of the UAE, to the bustling residential communities in London marks a significant stride in our commitment to providing world class media solutions. We believe in creating unique and impactful advertising opportunities that not only meet the needs of advertisers and media agencies but also empower property partners with effective resident communications solutions.” 

Since its inception in Dubai in 2011, Elevision has been at the forefront of providing innovative Digital-Out-of-Home advertising assets and effective resident communication solutions. The company has boasted impressive and consistent growth throughout the past decade, increasing its network by 33% on average year on year. 

Now, with its launch in London, Elevision is geared up to redefine the landscape of DOOH in this region too. The expansion comes at a pivotal time as the Digital-Out-of-Home industry continues its remarkable rise in the UK, with overall spending surging by 12.5% to its highest ever total of £841m in 2023*. Forecasters expect digital to account for three-quarters of out-of-home ad spend by 2027, driven by continued investment in digital displays**.

Elevision’s one-of-a-kind DOOH experience provides a dynamic platform for advertisers and property partners alike. The premium in lift LCD screens will capture the attention of residents in a distraction-free environment. Crucially, it will also feature a vital tool for property partners allowing them remote access to the Elevision CommConnect platform to create, upload and display important community messages in real-time to keep residents engaged and informed. 

Jamie Ball, the newly appointed UK Managing Director, shared his enthusiasm for the venture, stating, “The UK is a dynamic market with a growing appetite for cutting-edge media communication solutions. Elevision’s unique approach to DOOH, coupled with our commitment to effective resident communications, positions us as a pioneer in the industry. We look forward to building meaningful partnerships and delivering unparalleled value to our clients in the UK.”

Elevision’s expansion into the UK market is a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of Digital-Out-of-Home and fostering stronger connections between advertisers, property partners, and residents. 

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