Empowering Scotland’s Emergency Services: Dundee and Angus College Supercharges Training with Over 100 Scottish Fire and Rescue Services Technicians in Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Ron Davies, Scottish Fire and Rescue Services Technician Ryan McLeod, Scottish Fire and Rescue Services Technician Scott Roberts, National Fleet Manager at Scottish Fire and Rescue Services Caryn Gibson, Business Partnerships Manager at Dundee and Angus College

AS the future of transportation increasingly becomes electrified, Dundee and Angus College has successfully trained 105 technicians from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services (SFRS) in electric vehicle (EV) maintenance and repair, marking a significant milestone in enhancing safety and readiness for the electric vehicle era.

Conducted in partnership with SFRS, this groundbreaking training initiative is all part of a grander vision between Dundee & Angus College and Scotland’s primary emergency services, aiming to fortify safety and sustainability across the board. By upskilling technicians with essential EV training, the emergency services will be fully prepared to transition their fleets to electric battery powered vehicles as they aim towards becoming carbon neutral by 2045.

Over the past year, Dundee and Angus College’s skilled instructors have provided comprehensive training to SFRS technicians, covering levels 2 and 3 electric/hybrid qualifications, including routine maintenance and vehicle system repair and replacement. 

Recognised by The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), this training ensures that SFRS technicians are equipped to safely maintain and repair EVs in their blue-light specific fleet, enabling effective response to critical incidents in their crucial nationwide and frontline service. 

Utilising Dundee and Angus College’s state-of-the-art equipment such as the Lucas Nuelle kit and suite of electric vehicles, technicians are able to simulate fault scenarios and routine EV maintenance in a safe environment, enhancing their practical skills and preparedness for real-world situations.

This investment into training highlights the emergency services’ commitment to embracing the transition by leading the charge in electrifying their fleets while empowering staff with cutting-edge skills to future-proof their careers.

Scott Roberts, National Fleet Manager at Scottish Fire and Rescue Services, emphasised the importance of this training initiative, stating: “As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, it’s imperative that our technicians are well-versed in this technology to safely maintain and repair these vehicles. The training provided by Dundee and Angus College has been invaluable in equipping our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their duties effectively and support our carbon footprint reduction goals.”

Expressing pride in the college’s pivotal role in facilitating this essential training, Caryn Gibson, Business Partnerships Manager at Dundee and Angus College, said: “We were thrilled to join forces with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services in upskilling their technicians to meet the challenges posed by electric vehicles. These technicians play a vital role in ensuring the safety and operational efficiency of emergency response teams, highlighting the importance of ongoing training and development.

“As a college, we are committed to ensuring excellence in our training provision for businesses. The success of this training partnership demonstrates not only our contribution to the development of a highly skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of modern technology but also our goal of aiding businesses in working towards their net-zero ambitions.” 

Dundee & Angus College offers electric vehicle training that can be conducted either onsite for a client’s convenience or at the college’s automotive facilities at The Skills Academy at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parck.

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