FDM Partners with Microsoft to Drive AI Workforce Evolution


FDM Group, a leading global business and technology consultancy, was at London Tech Week, the UK’s flagship tech and innovation conference, with Microsoft as a trusted global workforce development partner.

The collaboration promotes skilled AI Consultants from FDM to support businesses with their AI readiness programmes – from initial data preparation stages and identifying use cases with the best ROI, to rolling out various AI solutions, including Microsoft M365 Copilot, a well-known generative AI tool for workplace productivity.

This year’s event addressed eight key themes, including AI, the future of security and data and tomorrow’s talent.

The event saw over 45,000 attendees, with top attending sectors including banking, finance, consultancy, advisory and professional services.

FDM COO, Sheila Flavell CBE, chaired the Corporate Innovation Stage at London Tech Week for insightful panel discussions on the ‘Future of Work,’ ‘Building a Future-Ready Work Team’ and ‘Navigating Labour Shortages in the Age of Frontier Tech’.

Key topics that stood out were AI’s impact on skills, hiring and diversity. Jobs will continually evolve, especially in tech, making adaptability the essential soft skill everyone needs. Microsoft recently reported that 71% of hiring managers prefer junior candidates with AI skills over seniors without them, highlighting the value of lifelong learning.

FDM’s Skills Lab is dedicated to continuous learning and development for their consultants. It offers experiential learning opportunities, adapts to different learning styles with various methodologies and encourages creative problem-solving through real-life scenario simulations.

Sheila Flavell CBE, COO, FDM Group said: “The collaboration between FDM and Microsoft is a significant development for the future of technology adoption. As businesses recognise the transformative potential of AI, ensuring a skilled workforce to implement these solutions becomes paramount. Our partnership directly addresses the rapidly growing demand for AI specialists. By working together, FDM and Microsoft can equip businesses with the necessary expertise to navigate the AI landscape seamlessly, fostering innovation and accelerating progress.”

FDM Group forms the bridge between leading companies and the critical specialist skills in demand. The global technology consultancy identifies and delivers the expertise in a collaborative approach with these companies.

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