Forrit CEO says updated CMS makes it “easier than ever to securely build and edit websites”

Peter Proud (Forrit CEO)

FORRIT, the next-generation content management system (CMS) provider, has revealed details of a wide-ranging update to its flagship product, Forrit One. The update – available now – follows extensive consultation with its growing client base including Microsoft.

The new version of Forrit One will especially benefit clients working across multiple markets and/or languages, or with more than one website.

It has been created with security in mind; existing customers have referred to it as “the most secure CMS” they have used.

New features of version 3 of Forrit One include:

  • Projects – allows multiple websites or microsites with different content editors, under one subscription meaning that a company with three unique websites does not have to pay and maintain three different CMS instances.
  • Tasks – allows users to create multiple campaigns on the same website by standing-up separate and contained working spaces.
  • Page Tree – gives users the flexibility to organise pages in a way that makes sense to them. Sitemaps are decoupled from the page organisation model.
  • Localisation – this powerful and simple to use feature allows for translation jobs to be auto-created from a single page, meaning users no longer have to create a page in each language.
  • Language Fallback – connecting pages that use the same language across different markets while also acting as a safety net should one set of translated content become unavailable.
  • Audit History – provides a full, filterable set of data to track all changes made to the website.

Peter Proud, CEO of Forrit, said: “Forrit One will make it easier than ever for organisations to create exceptional online customer experiences. It has been a long time coming – but we have taken the time to get input from existing clients to ensure we’re able to provide them with exactly what they want and believe this is the most secure CMS available in the market today.

“Many of our clients work across multiple markets, with websites in multiple languages, requiring simplified translation features. We’ve taken this into account, creating a powerful and simple-to-use localisation feature that streamlines the process of sharing content in multiple languages. Users can also create a single master page and Forrit One will auto-create a translation job and populate the correct page in the local market.

“For those companies using the same content and language across multiple markets – such as Spain and Mexico – language fallback links the two pages meaning that an update to one also updates the other automatically. In the event that one page goes down, the viewer is automatically given content from the other country.”

More than 68% of websites are built on a CMS, an increase of 75% over just 8 years ago. Organisations rely on CMSs to simplify the process of creating and updating their website, a vital part of doing business today.

Microsoft, one of Forrit’s flagship customers, is already using its CMS.

Lauren Hubbard, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft called Forrit One “a key factor in the success of the Microsoft Education website.”

She added: “The self-service tool combined with Forrit’s extensive support team has allowed us to efficiently and securely get news and content out across 42 markets worldwide.

“Our largest campaign of the year was made possible by Forrit and its CMS. We were able to livestream an event across all our markets at the same time, increasing our international viewer share by 90% and eliminating our cascading launches that once spanned over several weeks.”

Forrit is a digital technology company headquartered in Edinburgh, UK. The company have developed the next generation enterprise CMS, enabling clients to create, deploy, analyse and optimise their digital estate in a secure and scalable way.

For more information visit the Forrit website.

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