Funding boost and new customer wins give immersive tech firm a platform for stellar growth

PufferSphere at Brno Observatory and Planetarium Czech Republic

Financial year 2022/23 saw ‘best performance ever recorded’ for Edinburgh company

PUFFERFISH, the global market leader in proprietary spherical displays which create immersive experiences, has completed its most successful year ever, using a funding injection secured in late 2022 to super-charge business growth and new product development plans. 

Compared to the previous financial year, sales in 2022/23 increased by 43%, with 67% revenue growth.

All areas of the business exceeded the transformational growth targets set by its chief executive, Elaine Van Der Berg, when she took the helm in May 2022. She said: “The last financial year has been a high point for Pufferfish, with the best performance the business has ever recorded. Not only have we recharged the balance sheet, but we have also enhanced the management team, our product range, and our sales and marketing functions. As a result, the team has surpassed the ambitious targets we set, achieving stellar results. 

“Our aim is to ‘transcend the ordinary’, and this applies just as much to our business as it does to our customer solutions. We set our team a huge challenge, and they more than stepped up to the mark.”

Securing a range of new customer commissions contributed to the success of the business, including contracts with a Saudi-based airline, a US-based global cruise line, and a creative agency which purchased Pufferfish’s largest display yet, the PufferGrand, for its customer, one of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies. 

The team has also just unveiled several new, industry first displays that will not only boost the business but make it even easier for their customers to captivate their own audiences. In addition, the business has launched its first ever range of ready-made content, as well as tools that enable customers to build their own content, should they wish to. These exciting new offerings, coupled with the growth momentum now firmly in place in the business, will contribute to the significant forecasted increase in sales, revenue, and profitability by the end of the current financial year.

All of their market-leading offerings, both existing and new, can be seen on the recently launched website,

Elaine Van Der Berg is looking forward to the financial year ahead with Pufferfish. She concludes: “The heart of the Pufferfish business remains the same, but everything else has been transformed in the space of twelve months. By looking at ways in which we can even further enhance the customer experience and better commercialise the wow-factor that a Pufferfish display provides, we have turned the business on its head. We now have a far wider product range that secures our position as the market leader, we have expanded the already talented Pufferfish team and we have an appetite for innovation and growth like never before.

“With a number of contracts already committed for the new financial year, the outlook for the business is better than ever.” 

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