Gaming growth sees VR visionaries call in Scottish software experts

Little Cities by nDreams

Clever cloud company delivers smoother business management for nDreams

A BOOMING virtual reality firm has brought in Scottish software specialists to help manage global growth as it produces global blockbuster games.

The VR company, nDreams, which works with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Facebook’s parent company Meta is now implementing one of the world’s top financial software packages to improve its back-end automation.

The team of cloud software experts from Eureka Solutions will transform nDreams’ financial function with its offering of Oracle NetSuite as the VR company continues to thrive in the rapidly growing gaming industry.

It comes following Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement of nDreams’ highly anticipated Ghostbusters VR game on the platform.

Caroline Whillock, Senior Finance Consultant at nDreams, said: “The operations at nDreams have been scaling massively over the past five years, and our previous accounting software simply couldn’t keep up with that any longer.

“We were spending a painful amount of time on manual processes at every month-end, and we needed to cut that down as much as possible.

“We’re confident that by Eureka Solutions implementing NetSuite for us, we can save hours of staff time a week, allowing them to focus on big picture financial and strategic projects.

“There are many intricacies when it comes to the accountancy and finance side of the gaming industry; royalties, partnerships, tax laws all come into play, so it’s absolutely crucial that we have an integrated system that gets it right.”

The award-winning games company was founded in 2006 and has since turned its sole focus on the VR gaming space in which it is a leading innovator, working to bring gamers the most immersive experience possible.

By calling on Eureka Solutions, nDreams will get a platform tailored to its needs which will help the business to continue to expand with truly ‘future-proof’ financial software.

However, it was the customer service and relations that convinced nDreams to go with the East Kilbride company following a competitive system and partner selection process.

Caroline added: “From the start, the team at Eureka Solutions were extremely helpful and it was clear they had nDreams’ best interests at heart.

“I’ve had negative experiences with sales teams in the past, but the early signs of brilliant customer service and recommendations from other business reassured me that Eureka Solutions had the right expertise to give us the best possible tailored service.”

Eureka Solutions is one of the UK’s foremost experts in Oracle NetSuite, a software solution used by successful businesses across the world. Known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), when properly tailored it allows a business of any size to make sure crucial business processes and data are within one system – and easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Alan Miles, NetSuite Sales Director at Eureka Solutions, said: “It’s an extremely exciting time for nDreams, working with some of the world’s biggest companies to create incredible experiences for customers – we’re very thrilled to play a part in that journey.

“We are increasingly seeing businesses coming to us experiencing the issues caused by rapid scale-up. We’re absolutely focused on providing businesses with a tailored solution that allows them to grow while saving valuable time.

“By cutting down the time it takes to manage the books, the software will give the nDreams finance team more time to add strategic value.”

Eureka Solutions is a £4.5m-a-year business with 72 staff and clients across sport, tech, hospitality, non-profit, wholesale distribution, ecommerce and other sectors. As well as specialising in NetSuite and Sage, it also offers a proprietary systems integration tool, Cloud Data Exchange.

Having operated for more than 18 years, Eureka Solutions is widely recognised as a leader in unifying the business systems of growing organisations –

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