Glasgow Caledonian University enhances cybersecurity measures with CyberArk identity security platform

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GLASGOW Caledonian University (GCU) has taken a significant step towards bolstering its cybersecurity efforts by partnering with CyberArk, the identity security company. In response to the escalating threat landscape faced by educational institutions, GCU has chosen CyberArk’s Identity Security Platform to modernise its identity and access management programs and ensure the safety of its more than 27,000 staff and students.

Cyberattacks targeting universities have become increasingly prevalent, with ransomware attacks posing a particularly severe risk. GCU, recognized as the top-performing modern university in Scotland, aims to protect access to critical applications and systems while preventing credential theft that could compromise intellectual property and sensitive data.

Tahir Yousaf, IT director at GCU, emphasised the necessity of reassessing their cybersecurity approach, stating, “In recent years, GCU and other institutions within the sector have been targeted by cyberattacks. These risks led us to completely reassess our approach to cybersecurity, particularly in identity and access management. We selected the CyberArk platform for its well-established privileged access management and access management capabilities, knowing it could offer additional identity security capabilities as we mature and expand our security programs.”

The CyberArk Identity Security Platform focuses on intelligent privilege controls, securing human and machine identities while automating the identity lifecycle. It offers continuous threat detection and prevention, enabling Zero Trust and enforcing least privilege.

Once implemented, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform will empower Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) with a robust set of capabilities. It will enable GCU to authenticate users through adaptive multi-factor authentication, ensuring secure access while sharing student and staff application passwords. The platform will provide advanced protection for web applications, guarding against threats originating from endpoints and preventing data exfiltration. Additionally, it will offer valuable insights into user risk and potential threats, allowing GCU to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards. Furthermore, the system will enhance user lifecycle management by continuously reviewing and verifying access permissions. Its advanced features will also prevent credential theft and limit privilege escalation and lateral movement, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity for the university.

Matt Cohen, CEO of CyberArk, highlighted the critical nature of their partnership, stating, “According to our research, 89% of organisations indicated they were targeted by at least one ransomware attack in the last 12 months. CyberArk is committed to our role as a long-term partner and working closely with GCU to help the University construct a comprehensive identity security program – mapped to protecting against future threats.”

For more information about CyberArk and its offerings, please visit CyberArk’s official website.

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