Glasgow electronic signature specialist Videosign announces new instant-access platform

Steven Tallant (Videosign Chief Executive)

DIGITAL security software specialist Videosign has launched a new instant-access version of its pioneering electronic signature platform.

Videosign is an online meeting service that uses artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition software to compare an individual with their passport or driving licence photo to confirm their identity when they sign a contract or legal document online.

The latest version offers the chance to sign up online and start using the platform immediately.

Chief Executive Steven Tallant said: “This new release of Videosign opens the platform up to businesses of all sizes.”

“Earlier versions were more suited to larger multi-user organisations, but it was always part of our vision to make it available to anyone and everyone.”

“We’re delighted that we can now offer customers the chance to subscribe via our website and start using Videosign straight away.”

“We’re confident that new subscribers will be amazed by how much more efficient it is to meet and sign contracts with Videosign, with the added bonus of the best security features on the market.”

Subscription options range from individual accounts to up to 10 business users.

Bespoke packages are available for larger organisations in need of more than 10 user accounts.  

Videosign offers users the facility to record video and other evidence like IP addresses and timestamps when remotely witnessing signatures of legal documents.

Facial-recognition software is used to verify the identity of signatories before tamper-proof electronic signatures are made, witnessed by everyone in the meeting and backed up with video and metadata evidence.

The company, with bases in Liverpool and Glasgow, supports businesses in a wide range of sectors, including financial advice and conveyancing.

Steven Tallant said: “We’re really excited about this next stage of Videosign’s development, which puts the very best security and customer experience in the reach of all businesses.”

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