Hogwarts Legacy streamers made over £47.3k on Twitch in first 24 hours

  • New research shows that Twitch streamers playing Hogwarts Legacy have made over £47.3k in the first 24 hours after the early access release
  • The 50 most-watched new streams uploaded since the game dropped have more than 16.2 million views – with each 1k views worth £2.92 
  • The view counts for previous streams are rising steadily, as excited players anticipate the general Hogwarts Legacy release this Friday 
  • The most talked-about features of the game so far are the inventory, combat, spells, and new character Sirona Ryan – according to Twitter

NEW research has revealed that highly-anticipated Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy has made Twitch streamers more than £47.3k in the first 24 hours after its release.

The highly-anticipated game was finally released for early access at 5 am GMT on Feb 7th for players who purchased the deluxe or Collector’s edition of Hogwarts Legacy – with content creators flocking to streaming platforms like Twitch to debut the game. 

The findings, pulled together by casino reviewers Bonusetu, pulled the view count for the new 50 most-watched Twitch streams that show Hogwarts Legacy gameplay, and applied the going rate for sponsored content on the platform – currently £2.92 per 1,000 views.

According to the latest figures, Twitch streamers can expect to make just under £3 for each 1k views through sponsored ads, or by selling games and in-game items via their pages.

With the view count standing at 16,296,000 at 5am on the 8th across the new streams on Twitch, gamers have made more than £47,340 from playing Hogwarts Legacy in its first day.

The most-watched stream so far is from Fextralife with 2.4 million views – equivalent to £6,972 in earnings. Meanwhile, the longest stream uploaded is from Gladd at almost 23 hours long, totalling 215k views and making an estimated £625.

Across all of the 50 most-watched streams uploaded in the first 24 hours, the average view count came in at 325,920, meaning each content creator made £947. 

Their earnings are expected to have risen further since the 24 hour mark, as Hogwarts Legacy fans return to previous streams for tips ahead of the game’s general release. 

These figures also don’t take into account existing streams uploaded outside of the 24 hour early access window, with some streamers granted even earlier access for review purposes, and others hosting live streams solely promoting Hogwarts Legacy giveaways.

Top 10 most-watched Hogwarts Legacy streams, and their earnings


As well as looking at the earning potential, the research also looked at tweets made in the game’s first 24 hours to see which features players were talking about the most – with the main focus being on the inventory, which is quite limited early on in the game. 

Players are required to accumulate different clothing items to customise their characters and increase their stats – but the slots within the inventory are limited to 20 at first. 

The second biggest talking point so far has been the combat itself, which sees players use spells and combos to defeat enemies and defend themselves from attack. 

The other topic that has captivated players’ attention so far is NPC Sirona Ryan, proprietor of the Three Broomsticks, who appears in the second main story quest and represents the first transgender character to feature in the Wizarding World.

Speaking on the research, a Bonusetu spokesman said: “As with any major release, there’s a huge opportunity for content creators to increase their earning potential by being amongst the first to play the game online and make it more accessible to fans.

“It’s no surprise that the interest is particularly high with Hogwarts Legacy, as despite the controversy surrounding it, it’s remained one of the most highly-anticipated games this year. Ultimately, this was always going to lead to high view counts – whether from fans eager to see the game in action, or from people protesting and raising awareness in the comments.

“Regardless of where you stand, it’s impressive to see the figures associated with the game so far – and we expect them to soar even more when the game hits general release.”

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