How AI is changing the game for businesses


THE term “AI” isn’t uncommon in business. In fact, 77% of businesses worldwide are using or exploring AI tools in their work – resulting in over 250 million companies using the advancing technology.

As more businesses look to transform their technology stack, working with a trusted partner who can support your managed IT strategies can make the transition to integrating AI an easier process. But how is AI being used?

How AI can benefit your business

AI can support growth
Growth is a must for businesses looking to exceed, even those already established in their sector. AI has been used across businesses to help predict market trends and analyse big data to ensure that your business is getting the most out of the information you have.

With 89% of people saying they use AI in some capacity at work, optimising the way you use your technology can facilitate better data-led decision making, assisting with business growth and development.  If you’re hesitant to integrate this technology into your practices, your business might be missing out on vital opportunities to grow.

Improve efficiency
Another benefit of AI is its ability to manage administrative tasks, taking away the need for your employees to perform time-consuming tasks. AI is great for a business’s productivity, taking the length out of tasks which can be easily automated. By reducing the time spent across the business on these tasks, you can ensure your business hours are better utilised to focus on more complex work.

Introducing AI virtual assistants can help your employees navigate their systems better, cut down administration times, allowing dedicated quality time to other business tasks.

Managing the digital skills gap
Not only do these AI assistants help employees spend less time on tasks, but they can also be used to help close a digital skill gap in your workplace. Virtual assistants such as Microsoft’s Copilot can be used to help your employees navigate their CMS, find the data they need, update their schedules, and more.

AI systems can also offer personalised training, on-demand support, real-time analytics, and performance monitoring to provide HR teams with the information and resources they need to ensure all staff have access to their systems, the right know-how, and continual guidance.

Data-driven business decision-making
For businesses, both as startups and established, a confidence crisis can stop you moving forward. You’ll want to be sure you’re making the right decisions to improve your business, in line with market trends.

Some 56% of C-Suites worry about making the wrong business decisions. By having the right data behind your business decision-making, you can be sure that you’re choosing the right options for your business, are able to build a strong business case, and have the information you need to reassure your stakeholders.

Your business is host to plenty of information to make the right decisions. AI can analyse your big data and market trends, and even conduct horizon scanning to better predict product movements and offer the right data-driven decisions for you.

AI-assisted sustainability
Sustainability is a word used within every industry, with the Government pushing towards bettering the environment by 2050. However, 64% of businesses claim to have no environmental sustainability policy.

In order to be in line with the Government’s expectations, AI can assist your business in coming up with an environmental sustainability policy, creating marketing and campaigns around your sustainability approach, and even using your data to best analyse the least efficient parts of your business to better create a comprehensive, efficient strategy.

Bad AI habits to avoid
As with any technology, AI can be misused in business. So, making sure you’re approaching it in the right way, that suits your business goals, is important for the betterment of your business.

AI can be a powerful tool to reduce the workload of the company, replacing manual processes, and allowing your company to focus on more important tasks that will drive your business’s success.

However, overreliance on AI can negatively impact your business, especially when used in customer-facing processes, which can affect your company’s reputation. In fact, 78% of customers in the UK would rather interact with a human, as technology develops. Making sure that you’re using AI in the right places, such as supporting your staff, is essential, but it shouldn’t be used across all business processes.

One way to ensure that your business is using AI effectively is by partnering with a trusted managed IT company [MS7] [JC8] that can align your technology infrastructure with your goals, ensure that you’re using your technology in the right way, and successfully integrate AI into your CMS and other platforms for ease of use.

AI is a powerful tool which can be developed and nurtured to better support your business goals – from sustainability and efficiency, to bettering your staff’s understanding of technology and processes. However, being able to balance AI with the rest of your technology, staff and human resources is a must to ensure that your employees and customers are getting the most out of your business.

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