How businesses can use AI to help with their phone systems

Juliet Moran, from TelephoneSystems.Cloud

BUSINESS owners who want to integrate AI technology at a comfortable pace have been told how they can use bots to create bespoke messages for their phone systems.

Workplace communication experts at TelephoneSystems.Cloud are using AI to help their customers manage costs and provide professional machine-generated messaging.

The AI bot has been created in response to growing feedback from customers that they are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with recording their own messages.

Many business owners are concerned that the recorded phone greetings they currently have sound unprofessional and don’t represent the brand in the way they would like.

This has led many to turn to professional voiceover services which can take time to record a quality audio track and costs businesses hundreds of pounds.

AI technology offers businesses the flexibility they require when recording greetings, allowing them to record new messages in seconds.

Being able to quickly adapt the nature and tone of company messages helps engage different audiences more effectively and update them on the latest news and offers.

The service allows customers to turn text into professional-sounding messages spoken in a range of accents with either a male or female voice.

Current AI technology can process, analyse and interpret large amounts of human language data and pick out general trends, but the time lag means it isn’t practicable at this time.

Businesses considering adopting AI technology have been bombarded with stories of attendant ethical, privacy and liability risks over recent months.

This has led to many leaders harbouring reservations about letting AI loose on systems vital to the proper functioning and success of their businesses.

With many not yet ready to let AI answer the phone to customers they have been told how they can benefit from smaller gains using artificial intelligence for their businesses.

Juliet Moran, Technical Director at TelephoneSystems.Cloud believes that while fully integrating AI into business phone systems isn’t far away, right now it’s not fully viable.

Juliet Moran, Technical Director at TelephoneSystems.Cloud said: “With its understanding of language use, true AI can answer your calls right now, but the time lag for converting voice to text and text to voice back again means it’s not fully viable quite yet.

“But that doesn’t mean that businesses can’t take advantage of some of the cost-saving benefits right now while taking on tasks that we don’t want to do ourselves.

“Many customers hate the sound of their own voices and want something professional playing when their customers call in.

“AI can give them that at a fraction of the cost of professionally recorded messages using the bot we have developed.

“With a range of both female and male voices with British accents, the AI bot simply converts text into a real human-sounding voice that can be added to the phone system within minutes.

“Since adding this feature it’s become very popular, enabling customers to keep their phone system up to date more often with special offers and latest news.”

“Previously it would have cost hundreds of pounds to get a new professional voice message made by a real human for your business, and many firms are charged a monthly licence for the messages on their auto attendants, voicemail and hold music.

“It takes professionals time to record a good quality audio track, but with AI, it’s all done in seconds making it much more flexible to have your phone system playing something much more relevant and engaging.”

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