Innovator serves up success with new multi-site software

Andrew Gibbon, COO at Grafterr

New all-in-one product streamlines tech for hard-grafting restaurateurs

A GROWING UK tech firm has launched a transformative new platform for multi-site food and drink franchises and multi-location owners.

Edinburgh based Grafterr has recently launched its innovative franchise-focused point-of-sale (POS) and management software – Grafterr Enterprise – which is set to revolutionise the way in which multi-location hospitality venues operate.

After a successful four and a half year research and development process, the firm has already seen 14 of the UK’s leading hospitality multi-site clients sign up to use the platform within weeks of it going live.     

The platform has been built and refined to deliver a bespoke, multi-location management platform that delivers unrivalled data and operational efficiencies for hospitality businesses. The launch also marks the business’s second new product of 2023, following the launch of Grafterr GO! earlier this year.

The pioneering new enterprise product is specifically designed to streamline operations for multi-site food and drink operators such as bars, quick service restaurants and takeaways, including point-of-sale (POS), customer self-checkouts, staff management and stock control, by consolidating often complex and expensive tech stacks with a single platform.

Grafterr Enterprise not only replaces multiple systems and providers used across a typical restaurant or fast-food business, but provides customer insights, sales reporting, and full operational control in real time across individual stores, different regions or even across countries.

Andrew Gibbon, Chief Operating Officer at Grafterr said: “We currently power thousands of businesses throughout the UK and abroad and we’ve learnt a lot about how they operate and the problems they face, especially as they grow.

“Multi-location and franchise businesses often scale very quickly, but they struggle to have the correct operational infrastructure in place first. Operators are using multiple different system from multiple different providers: one provider for POS, a second for online ordering, a third software for staff management and so on.

“This is only exacerbated further when new franchisees choose to again use different providers across different locations, giving business leaders no visibility across their sales or store operations.

“Expanding into multiple sites is an exciting time for any business, but poor visibility and management often slows down new location growth. Lack of oversight and control of operations becomes more fragmented due to multiple dashboards, multiple datasets, unreconciled reports, and increased costs from different suppliers. By utilising Grafterr, restaurateurs can overcome these obstacles.”

Grafterr is working with some of the hottest food and drink businesses in the UK to launch its brand new enterprise product, helping them standardise their POS system roll-out, provide full multi-location menu control, automatically calculate franchisee fees and provide group sales performance in real-time.

Andrew continued: “By providing real-time data and insights from a number of locations in one place, we’re empowering owners to make smart, targeted decisions with their business strategy. We’ve seen recent clients use the data to run targeted offers to selected regions or territories to boost sales or analyse revenue data across different regions to decide the best locations for new stores.”

The new platform was established following the firm’s successful rebrand from ePOS Hybrid and the launch of Grafterr GO! – a revolutionary payment app – in March 2023.

Bhas Kalangi, Founder and CEO at Grafterr, said: “Our rebrand marked the beginning of a brand new phase of innovation for the business, continuing to diversify our range of award-winning and market leading products. With the launch Grafterr Enterprise, our second new product this year, we’re excited to continue to bring new innovative products to market.”

Grafterr was previously known as ePOS Hybrid and built its reputation and expertise in the hospitality market offering plug-and-play POS, payments, digital ordering, and operations management tech, all specifically designed for food and beverage businesses.

Since its launch in 2019, the firm’s technology has been used by more than 16 million consumers to order a food or drink item.

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