KCS Group Europe announces key appointment

Andrew Fulton

KCS Group Europe is delighted to announce a major new appointment. Andrew Fulton, a former UK diplomat, has joined as Co-Chairman of the Group and the KCS Advisory Board.

With immediate effect, Andrew – a strong addition to the existing KCS team led by Stuart Poole-Robb – will assist with the development of the Scottish and US markets.

As one of the leading providers of discrete specialist investigations and cyber services, Andrew’s background in the security and investigations sector is a perfect fit. Past senior roles have included GPW Ltd, Control Risks, Armor Group, Memex Technology and Indigovision.

As a diplomat, Andrew had postings in Saigon, Rome, East Berlin, Oslo, UK Mission to the UN in New York, and Washington DC.

Andrew is currently Hon President (formerly Founding Chairman) of the Scottish North American Business Council. He is also a former Chairman of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. He has served as a Visiting Professor at his alma mater, University of Glasgow School of Law.

Commenting today on his new appointment “I have been most impressed by KCS as a company, not least by the high standard of work produced by such a committed and able staff. I much look forward to helping us make further progress both internationally and here in the UK”.

Stuart Poole-Robb, CEO, stated “We are very pleased Andrew has joined our team. He is a strong addition. Our growth continues and we strive to ensure we offer our clients an extensive and solid service. The current events in Russia underline that the business world changes quickly, and we need to adapt to those changes. We pride ourselves on being able to do that and look at the world a little differently.

As part of our on-going business strategy, it is our intention to take a much more active role in supporting Scottish industry this year, with a physical presence in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Andrew’s extensive experience and business reputation is fundamental to help achieve stable growth and continued success.”


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