KYND launches next generation cyber risk management technology for MSP sector


WITH the launch of KYND’s award-winning cyber risk management solutions into the managed services sector, MSPs can now take advantage of unsurpassed cyber risk intelligence and mitigation advice to elevate their clients’ cyber resilience and create new revenue streams.

KYND Limited, a leading provider of pioneering cyber risk technology, today announced the launch of its best-in-class, comprehensive cyber suite for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This new initiative offers customers a competitive advantage in the flourishing managed services market through access to KYND’s unrivalled cyber risk technology and expert service – purpose-designed to both drive MSPs’ clients’ cyber resilience against emerging threats and maximise their profitability through enhanced cybersecurity offerings. 

The global managed services market size was valued at $239.71 billion in 2021, and is projected to expand exponentially with SMEs’ growing demand for incorporating security services into their business models to secure their IT infrastructure against potential cyber-attacks. This trend has particularly intensified as businesses are increasingly required to demonstrate a high level of cyber maturity to meet regulatory compliance and standards in the face of the growing threat landscape. 

Solving this growing demand for strong cyber risk management, KYND’s newly launched services for MSPs encompass everything service providers need to help effectively address their clients’ requirements in the dynamically changing threat landscape. MSPs will now benefit from immediate, centralised visibility of their clients’ cyber exposure, ongoing threat monitoring and alerting services, and prioritised remediation guidance – all within a unified, interactive platform. Apart from eliminating complexity in understanding and managing cyber risks, KYND’s powerful technology changes the game by giving MSPs an instant holistic solution to help speed up their clients’ security improvements and strengthen their cyber risk profile pre-submission to ensure successful cyber insurance applications in the future.

Andy Thomas, KYND’s CEO and Founder, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with MSPs and offer KYND solutions to pave the way for innovation and growth in the sector. In the context of ever-growing risks and evolving needs of modern business, cyber risk management represents significant revenue potential for MSPs. But it can be challenging for service providers to understand where to start to align their offering with emerging trends, differentiate their services, and, ultimately, stay successful in this competitive market. We’re therefore excited about the opportunity to support MSPs with proprietary technology and expertise that perfectly complements their existing capabilities – so our partners can embrace innovation, meet the ever-growing clients’ needs and capture new opportunities.”

Christopher Hannett, Director of Cymplify, commented: “In a world where complex, ever-growing cyber risks have become the top concern for organisations of all sizes and industries, the reliance of businesses on MSPs as their trusted risk advisors has rapidly intensified, particularly in light of thedigitisationchallenges brought on by COVID-19. Leveraging industry-leading, advanced cyber risk management solutions like KYND enables us to provide our clients with the intelligence and advice needed to effectively detect and mitigate potential threats, drive better-informed business decisions, and enhance their cyber resilience in the face of relentless cyber-attacks.”

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