Lindsay & Gilmour launch ‘genius’ solution in bid to become the go-to pharmacy in Scotland

Buzz Box at Lindsay & Gilmour

AWARD-WINNING pharmacy group Lindsay & Gilmour have taken a unique step in their bid to become Scotland’s go-to pharmacy chain.

One of Scotland’s oldest pharmacies, Lindsay & Gilmour have teamed up with feedback specialists We Love Surveys to provide customers with an innovative way of sharing their in-store experience.

Lindsay & Gilmour, who last month were named Enterprise Award winners at the 2019 Pharmacy Business Awards, have installed one of We Love Surveys’ Buzz Box solutions in each of their 30 pharmacies across Scotland. The device captures feedback from customers on their experience every minute of every day and provides instant reporting.

Previously, Lindsay & Gilmour were relying on a mystery shopper every quarter for their customer experience feedback but, as is often the case, were not getting enough information from a method that only provides a snapshot in time.

The partnership with We Love Surveys came about after Lindsay & Gilmour visited Day Lewis – one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in the UK and Europe – and saw for themselves how successful the Buzz Boxes were proving.

Day Lewis had launched their own partnership with We Love Surveys last year, which saw the Buzz Box solution placed in 310 of their pharmacies.

Lindsay & Gilmour managing director Philip Galt

Lindsay & Gilmour are already seeing some positive results from the Buzz Boxes, which were installed in June this year, and are receiving plenty of encouraging data, says the group’s managing director Philip Galt.

“We visited Day Lewis last year and they told us about the Buzz Boxes, and then we saw one in situ and I thought ‘This is genius’,” said Galt.

“It’s so simple and robust, the technology is great, and the guys at We Love Surveys have been fantastic.

“It’s very responsive, we’re able to change the questions to suit our needs, and when you consider the overall costs, it’s great value compared to having just four visits a year.

“But the biggest surprise for me is the amount of real-time data we receive from our customers, it’s really helpful and allows us to be a lot more proactive in our approach to customer service.

“One of the key strands of our strategy is that we want to be the pharmacy of choice, we want to be the go-to partner, so this allows us to continually monitor the customer service we are delivering in our pharmacies.

“The insights we get from the Buzz Box is going to have a big impact on what we’re doing. It’s a truly unique way to properly measure customer satisfaction.”

We Love Surveys continue to make an impression in the world of retail pharmacy, now supplying their Buzz Boxes to two leading independent pharmacy chains.

Helen Dargie, owner of We Love Surveys

We Love Surveys owner Helen Dargie said: “Lindsay & Gilmour approached us because they had seen our Buzz Box solution in Day Lewis, they liked it and they knew they should be doing something similar.

“We’ve installed exactly the same solution in all Lindsay & Gilmour pharmacies, albeit with different questions which are tailored specifically for this pharmacy group.

“Lindsay & Gilmour want to show they are being innovative and doing something different to everyone else. They’ve got a real drive and passion to make it work and get the most from it and, as a small business, it could potentially have a real impact for them.

“It’s a really exciting partnership for We Love Surveys and helps strengthen our ever-growing presence in retail pharmacy.”

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