Nearly a third of Scottish business bosses use GenAI at work every day

Arleen Arnott Edinburgh office senior partner at KPMG UK

NEARLY a third (29%) of senior leaders in the financial services sector in Scotland use generative AI at least once a day at work, according to new research from KPMG UK.

Of all senior professionals in the sector surveyed, the main business uses highlighted were brainstorming and research.

When asked about future uses, business bosses across the region highlighted customer data analytics and financial planning as potential areas for AI being deployed.

Meanwhile,  almost half (43%) of sector leaders are using generative AI a few times a month in their personal time.

Arleen Arnott, Edinburgh Office Senior Partner and Financial Services Partner at KPMG UK, said:

“It is clear from this survey that AI is becoming a key part of the day to day running of financial services firms.

“From brainstorming and research to future financial planning and analysing customer data, the opportunities are endless if this technology is used in the right way.”

Katie Clinton, Partner and Regional Head of Financial Services at KPMG UK, comments:

“The widespread use of generative AI among financial services leadership highlights the awareness of its potential to transform the sector. As leaders continue to get to grips with the technology and learn iteratively, this will not only help to build proof-of-concepts around external use cases but instil a culture that generative AI becomes a part of, from the top down.

“Despite some of the knowledge barriers, leaders must continue to get to grips with generative AI as a lever to long-term productivity, growth and competitiveness.”

Across the UK, the average use of AI by business leaders at least once a day is a little higher than in Scotland (36%). The main uses are similar apart from a spike when it comes to writing speeches.

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