New climate-conscious email marketing platform launches

James Gill (EcoSend)

ECOSEND, a brand-new climate- conscious marketing platform has launched today to disrupt the $1 billion email marketing software market.

EcoSend is committed to tackling the climate crisis by reducing the weight of email campaigns sent through their platform, through optimised emails and advanced segmentation, creating more focused marketing campaigns that also deliver results. In addition, EcoSend will automatically plant trees on behalf of each customer to offset the carbon emissions of every campaign.

James Gill, one of the co-founders of EcoSend, said:

“We’re all aware of the negative impact our carbon emissions are having on the planet. But most people don’t realise our digital activity also has an impact. Everything we do online needs energy, and much of that energy is powered by fossil fuels and non-renewables. Even sending one email can generate 26g of carbon emissions. So for companies that send daily marketing emails to large audiences, they are often not even aware of this invisible problem.

“Email use continues to skyrocket, and by 2025, it’s estimated this will create an additional 2.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions – the equivalent of an average car driving 6.4 billion miles which is the travelling around the equator 104 times every single day.

“We created EcoSend as the obvious choice for businesses who care about the future of our planet. With EcoSend, businesses can continue to send beautiful, engaging email at scale, while making a positive impact on the planet.”

Since the platform was created in late 2022, it has already signed up several B-Corps and purpose-driven organisations including Investment Quorum, FlairBox, and Salanga. Another early adopter of the platform is the volunteering employee engagement tool OnHand.

Caz Ash, Head of Digital Marketing at onHand said:

“As a responsible business, sustainability is at the core of what we do. We were impressed by EcoSend’s values and felt there was a synergy with onHand. The platform is extremely easy to use and migration from our previous email marketing platform was smooth and quick. Knowing that every email we send makes a positive impact on the planet is so important for us. We have been able to reduce 500kg of carbon emissions from our emails every month by moving to EcoSend and have no doubt that the platform will continue to support our mission to become an even more responsible business.”

Customers of EcoSend can take advantage of the platform’s extensive feature set. This includes a comprehensive set of tools to capture email addresses, segment audiences, and craft beautiful emails.

  • Forms — capture contacts and email addresses effortlessly.
  • Advanced segmentation — industry leading advanced contact segmentation to sift through millions of contacts and send highly targeted campaigns.
  • AI-powered email creator — with tried-and-tested lightweight templates and innovative new AI-based functionality to help everyone craft their best emails.
  • Automated campaigns — behaviour based, real-time automation to send advanced message sequences at the perfect moment to drive engagement.

The EcoSend dashboard displays the impact an organisation has made on the environment since signing up, including the number of emails sent, carbon emissions saved, and number of trees planted.

To find out more about EcoSend and its pricing plans visit

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