New cyber security service for Scottish SMEs

Jude McCorry (CEO Cyber and Fraud Centre - Scotland)

SCOTLAND’S leading cyber and fraud resilience experts have launched a new service for SMEs looking for a cost-effective way to enhance their cyber security posture.

Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland, the more than not-for-profit organisation that recently changed its name from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, has combined its expertise on testing and training into a new offering called ‘Cyber Advance’. It has a bespoke new pricing model for SMEs based on their size and existing IT estate. 

The new service comes as nearly one in five UK SMEs say they would be unlikely to survive a cyber attack, given the current cost-of-living crisis.

Jude McCorry, CEO of Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland, said: “Businesses are facing an ever-growing cyber threat landscape. Managing this is an essential investment, but many SMEs see cyber as something complicated and expensive and therefore choose to avoid it.

“Our experts bring consistency and confidence to an organisation’s cyber security processes, including ensuring board members are up to speed with their duties and responsibilities when it comes to cyber security and how they can help with cyber related incidents. 

“Many Scottish SMEs are particularly vulnerable to a cyber attack as a direct result of this avoidance. Cyber Advance cuts through the jargon making cyber understandable, and at a price based on the company’s size and maturity.”

The new service leans on the activities the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland has become well-known for, including the development of an Incident Response Plan to ensure an organisation knows what to do in the event of a cyber attack.

It also includes a vulnerability assessment to determine susceptibility to attacks and identify any weaknesses, and training for staff and board members on the fundamentals of cyber security using real-life scenarios and case studies.

Cyber Advance builds on existing Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland activities including Exercise in a Box by offering training specific to situations the organisation is likely to face and is informed by the findings of the vulnerability assessment. 

Further details and information on how to enrol is available on the Cyber and Fraud Centre – Scotland website, here.

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