New portable projector technology will go where no other media can

The Nomadix Media iProjector

SCOTTISH marketing technology specialist NomadiX has released a cutting-edge new version of its giant-scale projection system.

iProjector Halo follows on the success of the firm’s previous iProjector, which has been used by global brands such as Chanel and Levi Strauss since it was first launched in 2010. The latest version is one-third of the weight and twice as powerful as its predecessor, making it the lightest and brightest outdoor projection system available.

Capable of projecting on a scale of up to 100 feet, iProjector Halo gives creative marketers the ability to carry, aim and beam exciting visual content onto any building or landmark.

The device can beam exciting visual content onto any building or landmark

The first new system has already been snapped up by Gourock-based creative Bruce Newlands, who has been using the older NomadiX projection technology on commissions for events such as Greenock’s Galoshans Festival.

“Other projection systems require huge generators, and are very bulky,” he said. “What I really like about this one is the ‘guerrilla’ aspect – it is very mobile and easy to deploy.

“The new iProjector Halo looks great. It is lighter, brighter and stronger than the previous one.”

At just 5kg, iProjector Halo can be carried over the shoulder. It is powered by NomadiX’s own cloud-based digital signage platform, making it easy to upload and schedule content playlists from any PC or mobile phone.

The system has been developed by Mark Evans, founder and sole owner of NomadiX, whose range of products also includes the iWalker system used by media heavyweights Reed Exhibitions and Communicorp UK. He describes iProjector Halo as “the iPhone when compared to the old Motorola brick”.

“Twenty-two years ago I set up Kommando, one of the UK’s original guerrilla marketing agencies,” Mark said. “Some of our stunts included projecting famous brands onto landmarks like Westminster, Battersea and the White Cliffs of Dover, which back then required a van, a generator and a team of people to operate the equipment.

“That limited the areas where you could access, aim and shoot. iProjector Halo, by contrast, offers unlimited access, allowing you to roam free and connect with your audience no matter where they are.”

iProjector Halo is currently for sale or hire in the UK, and NomadiX will also make it available abroad through its international network of value-added resellers. Based on the outskirts of Glasgow, NomadiX specialises in making technology relevant as a marketing tool. The business evolved out of the Kommando agency, with NomadiX formally established in 2012.

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