New service to guarantee internet connection, as 12m say they’ve suffered an internet or power outage in last year

The Reskube, in a home setting

THE RESKUBE, a new enterprise grade remote-working resilience solution, has been launched to transform remote working in the UK at a time when hybrid working is becoming the norm and the threat of outages to workers and businesses is growing. 

As we collectively work from home more than ever, inadequate broadband, increasing power outages and unsecure connections all pose significant risk to businesses. The Reskube is designed to react to these problems before workers know they exist, giving workers and their employers control, confidence, and security to deliver their best work, uninterrupted. 

New research from Reskube reveals that two in three people (64%) who have worked from home in the last year have suffered an internet or power outage in that time*. That equates to an estimated 12 million workers in total.  

Furthermore, the most recent ONS data finds that 37% of the adult working population worked from home in 2020. Based on two days at home per worker per week, this equates to nearly 9.4 billion hours at home in one year – or 180 million working hours spent at home every week. These numbers will be even higher while Government work from home guidance has been in place. Reskube estimates suggest that 1.8 billion hours will be worked at home this January alone – increasing the risk of disruption to critical work and overall productivity. 

A remote-working resilience solution in a smart, compact box, the Reskube transforms productivity by providing seamless connectivity for both mission critical work and day-to-day efficiency. The Reskube constantly monitors the supply of home internet and power. If either drop, it instantaneously kicks in and provides back up. The home worker won’t notice that anything has happened. Once supply is restored, the Reskube transitions seamlessly back to the home network and power.  

Available as a service, currently via Computacenter and Kyndryl, it was developed in partnership with APC™ by Schneider Electric™.  The Reskube has simplicity and ease of use for both users and businesses front of mind. In 3 easy steps, remote workers can be up and running with peace of mind that a power or internet outage will not disrupt their work.  

Businesses are struggling to ensure the security and resilience of the infrastructure supporting homeworkers. The Reskube is designed to be a solution to the headaches remote and hybrid working can create for IT teams. Everything works out of the box, and a central management dashboard allows IT staff full visibility, control and reporting, making their lives supporting remote workers easier. 

Andrew Lawton, CEO of Reskube Ltd, said: “Working from home is here to stay, meaning that businesses across the country face growing risks to their operations as power and network outages threaten critical and day-to-day work. We are finding that 5% of home workers are doing time critical or high value work – that equates to roughly 470 million hours a year where any sort of outage would have a severe impact. 

“A home resilience solution is essential for businesses undertaking time and mission critical work at home, as well as those who rely on a seamless connection for productivity. The Reskube will be a de facto inclusion in the homeworker set up – alongside laptop, phone and broadband, enabling businesses to take back control of their productivity and deliver their best work, uninterrupted​.  

“We already have a number of key Financial Services and Media companies committed to using Reskube to ensure their key staff can work uninterrupted while at home and to support global demand we will be launching in the US, Europe and India later this year. Our vision is for connectivity to be constant, secure and seamless for every single remote worker everywhere.” 

Christian Enriquez, Global Product Manager at APC by Schneider Electric, added: 

“The Reskube is an elegant solution to a surprisingly complex and messy problem, enabling those doing time critical or high value work the confidence to work from home. This will reduce the risk of interruptions to the delivery of critical business services or of cybersecurity breaches that could negatively impact organizations financially, operationally or reputationally. At the same time, it also has the potential to boost productivity and wellbeing across the wider hybrid workforce. We are delighted to have collaborated with Reskube Ltd to make a home working solution that worked for homeworkers and businesses alike.” 

The Reskube was voted ‘Most innovative product of the year’ at the CIR 2021 Global Business Continuity Awards. The product is available now, with first orders being shipped in April.  

More information, including the option of booking a free demo, is available at  

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