Organisations collaborate to offer Production Chemistry and Process Engineering training

Stephen Heath (Production Chemistry Training Ltd)

PRODUCTION Chemistry Training Ltd. and Peak Global Consultancy Ltd. are pleased to announce their collaboration to offer comprehensive theoretical training courses focusing on Production Chemistry and Process Engineering. This partnership brings together two industry-leading organisations renowned for their expertise in delivering high-quality training solutions tailored to the needs of the oil, gas, and energy sectors.

The combined theoretical training courses will cater to participants at different stages of their careers. Both organisations are committed to delivering engaging and learning experiences that will equip participants with valuable insights and skills applicable to real-world challenges.

The courses will be delivered by two industry recognised experts, Stephen Heath, Technical Director of Production Chemistry Training Ltd and Dr John Hargreaves, Managing Director of Peak Global Consultancy Ltd. With their combined knowledge and experience, participants can expect an unparalleled learning experience designed to enhance their understanding in these critical areas. There will also be options provided to create bespoke courses recognising specific technologies and operations.

Commenting on the partnership, Stephen Heath remarked: “The synergy between Production Chemistry Training Ltd. and Peak Global Consultancy Ltd. represents a significant step forward in advancing theoretical training in production chemistry and process engineering. Together, we are dedicated to providing professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to understand how these two critical areas are intertwined and drive success for their organisations.”

Reflecting on the collaboration, Dr. Hargreaves stated: “I am thrilled to join forces with Production Chemistry Training Ltd. to offer these combined training courses. Our aim is to empower professionals in the oil, gas, and energy sectors with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of production chemistry and engineering effectively.”

Stephen Heath holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Chemistry and Geology from Cardiff University College as well as an Pg. Dip in Instrumentation and Analytical Science from UMIST and has over 34 years of oil and gas experience in production chemistry.

Previously he has worked with many of the oilfield speciality chemical companies and was the Lead Production Chemist for a European oil operator.

In addition to being Technical Director of Production Chemistry Training Ltd, he is also a Production Chemistry Consultant at his other company, Creative Chemical Solutions Ltd. and has delivered many technical courses to clients in Europe and the Middle East. 

His technical expertise spans scale, chemical analysis, water chemistry, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), corrosion, flow assurance, novel deployment techniques and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

With a proven track record for innovation and unique problem-solving capability, he holds 6 patents and has authored >135 papers on scale, production chemistry  and CCUS.

Dr. John Hargreaves founded PEAK Global Consultancy in 2011, with the primary purpose of supplying oil and gas operators the chance to optimise design, increase production, maximise profit and defer abandonment of their assets. His position is well founded, having honed a wealth of over 30 years-experience in Process and Technical Safety Engineering.

Skilled in Upstream Design and Operations with strength in Conceptual Engineering through to Construction activities. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Offshore Engineering and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering which focused on the development of the Hydrocyclone for the Oil and Gas Industry.

He has since worked for a variety of operators, contractors and as a consultant, developing concepts and technologies to improve asset production, performance and safety. This culminated in seven years as Wood Group PSN’s Chief Process Engineer, where he managed a team of 150 engineers.

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