Orkney-based Kyloe Partners acquires AI software to augment state-of-the-art tech solutions


KYLOE Partners, a leading provider of Bullhorn solutions and consulting services, today announced the acquisition of conversational AI software Squire. The acquisition contributes to Kyloe’s steps towards becoming the trusted AI partner of choice for Bullhorn customers. This strategic move promises to deliver unparalleled efficiency to recruitment processes worldwide.

“We are thrilled to bring Squire’s cutting-edge technology into the Kyloe family,” said Raymond Pennie, Founder/CEO of Kyloe Partners. “AI has become vital to success and we’re seeing a significant shift in the way recruitment and staffing businesses are operating. 

Those investing in innovation will reap the rewards from increasing efficiency and creating better experiences for candidates and clients, whereas those who don’t are at risk of being left behind.”

With this acquisition, Kyloe are set to redefine recruiter efficiency and effectiveness, offering Bullhorn users AI solutions that modernize and simplify candidate engagement and data management.

The announcement coincides with the launch of Kyloe’s AI solutions – Kyloe AI Assist, and Kyloe NoteTaker (formerly Squire). Raymond shared “Our Bullhorn experts have been working actively to create the best generative AI solutions for Bullhorn – we’ve been beta testing this with a select group of customers over the past few months and they’ve seen excellent results when presenting talent and preparing candidates. 

Following the acquisition of Squire, we are thrilled to add even more value by incorporating conversational AI which allows customers to effortlessly capture information and update candidate records, streamlining administrative tasks and boosting the overall effectiveness of recruitment efforts. Our innovative solutions offer huge opportunities for recruitment and staffing companies to transform how they work.”

Rory O’Doherty, CEO of Olas, the innovative team behind Squire, also shared his perspective on the acquisition: “Through deep research and development, we developed Squire to drastically reduce the administration burden on recruiters, simultaneously enhancing the quality of data that a recruitment company can capture and therefore monetize. Partnering with Kyloe on this acquisition became the obvious choice to ensure Squire reaches as many recruitment professionals as possible, leveraging their long-standing success and deep knowledge of the industry. We are delighted with this outcome and excited about the future of Squire and the transformative changes it promises for recruiters.”

Register your interest in Kyloe’s AI solutions here: https://info.kyloepartners.com/kyloe-ai

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