PhaSER Biomedical confirms landmark agreement with world-renowned US drug discovery institute

Person holding syringe in laboratory environment

SCOTTISH-BASED PhaSER Biomedical (PhaSER) has agreed a long-term partnership with the Sanders Tri-Institutional Therapeutic Discovery Institute, Inc. (TDI) to enhance the institute’s groundbreaking pre-clinical drug discovery research. 

Headquartered in New York, TDI is a unique partnership consisting of three world-renowned scientific and medical institutions; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University and Weill Cornell Medicine who recognized that without expert assistance in navigating the path of new drug discovery, even the most transformational academic research advances often do not realize their potential to become major medical breakthroughs. TDI provides academic investigators with access to industrial-scale tools and techniques, empowering the acceleration of academic drug discovery and bringing new cures to patients with the greatest medical need.

During this 10-year agreement, PhaSER will provide 8HUM mice models for TDI to use as a transformative tool in their mission to accelerate and improve their drug discovery efforts on a pipeline of novel targets in diverse therapeutic areas.

PhaSER’s unique 8HUM models recapitulate the ways drugs are metabolised in humans and have multiple applications in drug discovery and development: including drug efficacy, the prediction of drug/drug interactions and the more informed design of clinical trials. 8HUM models will accelerate the discovery and development of new treatments of disease, reduce attrition when drugs reach the clinic as well as reduce animal use and development costs.

PhaSER’s agreement with TDI comes hot on the heels of receiving $2.3m from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) which will see PhaSER, over the course of a three-year programme, provide its 8HUM mouse models to all the foundation grantees combatting diseases such as Malaria, TB, HIV, pandemic preparedness, and non-hormonal contraception with access to this powerful drug discovery and development platform.

Professor Roland Wolf, PhaSER’s Founder, commented:

“Following on from our exciting partnership with BMGF announced last month, I’m proud another world-renowned institution has decided to commit to a longterm partnership with PhaSER. We are now looking forward to providing these valuable mice to drug discovery groups within TDI to accelerate and improve the institute’s drug discovery activities.”

Peter Meinke, Sanders Director of TDI, noted:

“As animal “proof of concept” studies are integral to TDI data packages demonstrating that drug candidates can successfully alter the course of a disease, we anticipate that these new models will dramatically influence TDI’s efforts to convert novel biology targets into drugs.”

PhaSER was formed in October 2022 to exploit a unique transgenic mouse model developed in a collaboration between Prof. Roland Wolf at University of Dundee, CXR biosciences, Taconic Farms and Scottish Enterprise.

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