Pioneering hydrogen energy startup Clyde Hydrogen secures over £1m in pre-seed funding

Clyde Hydrogen

CLYDE Hydrogen Systems (Clyde Hydrogen), a pioneering Scottish startup set to revolutionise the hydrogen energy sector, is thrilled to announce the successful closure of its pre-seed funding round totaling over £1m in equity and grants. This milestone achievement is supported by Zinc, the University of Glasgow and several strategic angel investors.

The investment marks a significant vote of confidence in Clyde Hydrogen’s mission to develop cutting-edge hydrogen production solutions that promise to significantly reduce carbon emissions and advance the global transition to a sustainable energy future. The company’s collaboration with the University of Glasgow provides Clyde Hydrogen access to world-class research facilities and expertise in renewable energy technologies, while Zinc’s involvement brings strategic investment acumen and an established network of industry connections.

Clyde Hydrogen’s breakthrough decoupled electrolyser technology delivers high pressure green hydrogen safely at scale and at low cost. This has the potential to match renewable energy with hydrogen production in a more productive way than currently possible – solving one of the industry’s biggest challenges to date.

“This funding is not just a financial boost but a validation of our vision to make green hydrogen accessible and cost effective,” commented Dr Jos Trehern, Chairman of Clyde Hydrogen. “With the support of Zinc, the University of Glasgow and angel investors, we are poised to accelerate our research and development efforts and bring our innovative solutions to market.”

Paul Kirby, co-founder and CEO at Zinc stated “At Zinc, we believe in the importance of investing in deep science innovation to solve our most pressing environmental issues. Clyde Hydrogen represents exactly the kind of disruptive technology we look to support — one that has the potential to revolutionise the energy landscape and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. We’re excited to be part of the team at Clyde Hydrogen on its journey to impact.”

“The University of Glasgow is proud to support Clyde Hydrogen in their innovative endeavours to transform the hydrogen energy landscape. This partnership aligns with our commitment to advancing sustainable and renewable energy adoption. We believe that Clyde Hydrogen’s ground-breaking approach to hydrogen production will play a crucial role in achieving a carbon-neutral future,” added Melville Anderson, Head of IP and Commercialisation, University of Glasgow.

The pre-seed funding will be instrumental in expanding the company’s R&D team, accelerating technology development, and forging strategic partnerships within the energy sector. Clyde Hydrogen is committed to contributing significantly to Scotland’s ambitious carbon neutrality and green hydrogen goals.

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