Production Chemistry Training Ltd and Kernow Analytical Technology Ltd join forces to deliver comprehensive training courses

Stephen Heath (Production Chemistry Training)

PRODUCTION Chemistry Training Ltd (PCT) and Kernow Analytical Technology Ltd (KAT) are excited to announce their strategic collaboration aimed at providing industry-leading combined theoretical and practical training courses in a variety of Production Chemistry topics. These intensive courses will be held at KAT’s laboratory facilities in Cornwall and will vary in duration from 2.5 to 4 days depending upon the demand for specific subjects.

PCT/KAT plan for up to three courses in 2024 with the first course to be held for 2.5 days on Wax Control and Hydrocarbon Rheology in January 2024.  The additional courses offered will consist of either general flow assurance/production chemistry extended to 4 days, a repeat of Wax/Rheology or single topics like hydrates, scale and phase separation. The theory: practical spit will be roughly 40:60 with hands-on laboratory tests and practical exercises to complement the theoretical knowledge ensuring that attendees are well-prepared to tackle real-world scenarios.  

The partnership between PCT and KAT represents a significant milestone in the energy training industry, combining the expertise of two renowned organizations to offer comprehensive courses tailored to meet the evolving needs of the industry.  All participants can expect a dynamic learning experience that includes lectures, case studies andhands-on laboratory work delivered and supervised by industry experts.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kernow Analytical Technology Ltd to offer these cutting-edge training courses,” said Stephen Heath, Technical Director, at Production Chemistry Training Ltd. Our combined expertise and resources will empower participants to understand the challenges posed by flow assurance and production chemistry and how these can affect the safety and efficiency of operations.”

He added, “We feel that participants will benefit enormously from having access to the combination of supporting theory and practical, “hands-on” laboratory training as this will bridge the gap between understanding laboratory test results and deciding how to use the data in the field. 

Dr Neil Chilcott, Managing Director at KAT commented: “This collaboration reflects our commitment to advancing industry knowledge and best practices. Our combined theoretical and practical courses will provide attendees with the skills needed to help them navigate the complex field of production chemistry.”

He added: “This collaboration signifies more than just a partnership between two organisations; it represents a commitment to the future of our industry. As we equip the next generation of professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, we are collectively contributing to the industry’s resilience and its ability to meet the challenges that lie ahead”.

Susan Caddell, Business Development Director at PCT, commented: “In an industry that has weathered significant challenges and downturns over the past few years, the collaboration between PCT and KAT marks a pivotal moment. Many experienced professionals have regrettably left the industry and their shoes have been filled with individuals who are eager to learn but may lack the practical knowledge and insights that come from years of hands-on experience.”

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