Production Chemistry Training Ltd announces its new workshop on produced water management


PRODUCTION Chemistry Training Ltd is thrilled to announce its inaugural workshop on Produced Water Management on Wednesday 11th September 2024 at Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen.

Treating and managing produced water is a critical process as it contains diverse contaminants such as oil, solids, and chemicals, necessitating treatment to meet environmental standards before discharge or reuse. Treatment can involve a mixture of physical, chemical, and biological methods depending on the water’s composition and level of contamination. Produced water treatment technologies continually progress, reflecting the industry’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. These efforts aim to minimise the environmental impact of produced water discharge and advocate for efficient water management practices within the energy industry.

Susan Caddell, Director at Production Chemistry Training Ltd, highlighted the importance of understanding produced water stating, “We envisage this workshop covering the various aspects of produced water management, including chemistry, hydrodynamics, surface/interfacial science, materials science, corrosion, mechanical and chemical engineering.”

PCT would like to invite presentations on the following themes:

  • Engineering and chemistry solutions
  • Research and technology innovations
  • Advanced cleaning technologies
  • Solids, bacteria, H2S, and corrosion management
  • Reducing water production (mechanical and chemical methods)
  • Monitoring produced water – separation efficiency, oil-in-water, dispersed and dissolved hydrocarbons, radioactivity, toxicity, bacteria, and chemical residuals
  • Environmental risks and regulatory updates
  • Case studies

This event will offer expert-led sessions, interactive panel discussions, and networking opportunities with industry peers. Production Chemistry Training Ltd encourages interested individuals and organisations to register early.

To submit an abstract, please email by Friday 12th July 2024.


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