Pulsant and LINX renew their partnership to support the growth of regional peering in Scotland

Jennifer Holmes, CCO for LINX

The IT infrastructure provider has renewed LINX’s two PoP racks in Edinburgh’s South Gyle data centre

Leading IT infrastructure provider, Pulsant, has today announced that The London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s largest member-owned interconnection facilities, has renewed two PoP racks at its LINX Scotland regional interconnection point within Pulsant’s South Gyle data centre as part of both companies’ continued commitment to the partnership.

This is the latest development in Pulsant and LINX Scotland’s longstanding relationship, which began in 2013 when Pulsant became the first data centre provider to host Scotland’s first dedicated Internet Exchange Point (IXP). The strong partnership is rooted in a common mission to enhance the UK’s internet infrastructure by keeping Scottish traffic local to Scotland, and therefore, provide faster internet access for local businesses, individuals, and larger enterprises looking to regionalise.

Pulsant and LINX Scotland have recognised a growing number of larger enterprises starting to exchange internet traffic at a local level. The partnership aims to support the emerging trend of edge computing and bringing data closer to the end-user.

Over the coming years both companies will continue working together to enable and support the growth of regional interconnections, which have increased during the pandemic as more people worked from home. Without the need to go back and forth between London and Scotland, regional peering enables businesses to benefit from better connectivity with reduced latency and improved resilience.

Gary Sibley, client manager at Pulsant says: “Our partnership represents a joint commitment to support businesses in Scotland and is reflective of Pulsant’s dedication of regionalising traffic. As more companies look to adopt hybrid working or remote working models, we want to accelerate regional peering growth to provide a fertile environment for businesses and individuals to thrive and rebuild after the pandemic.”

Jennifer Holmes, CCO for LINX says: “We appreciate working with Pulsant to enable more networks to connect to LINX Scotland from its South Gyle facility. We have welcomed some really interesting applications recently including enterprise networks and a large access network wanting to interconnect locally, which is fantastic. It’s our continued joint mission with Pulsant to enable these regional interconnections and continue growing the digital identity footprint in Scotland.”

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