Putting Scottish science and research on the world stage


Representatives from world-leading research centres around Scotland will gather for the first major summit of its kind today to discuss how to better use science and research to market Scotland abroad against the backdrop of Brexit.

Leading figures from universities, colleges and research institutes will join Science Minister Richard Lochhead at the Science and Research Summit in Edinburgh to strengthen international collaboration and information sharing across disciplines.

Mr Lochhead will lead a push to make the most of the country’s reputation as a science and research nation and increase the impact of Scotland’s research in tackling global challenges, including the climate emergency and an ageing population.

Scotland has 8% of the UK’s population and 10% of its researchers, yet produces 12% of UK research.

Mr Lochhead will say:

“Scotland is a science and research nation – we already punch well above our weight and enjoy a global reputation as a welcoming, pro-science nation that supports research and innovation.  

“As Science Minister I want to see what more we can do to use our collective will and action to increase our impact and extend our global role.

“With the challenges of Brexit already being felt, we must maintain our strong research links with Europe. This summit will bring key organisations to strengthen these and other global collaborations, to enhance the reach of our message that Scotland is and will remain the perfect partner for science and research.”

Professor Sheila Rowan, Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland will say:

“Collaboration across disciplines, institutions and borders is one of the hallmarks of modern science. This event is an important step in encouraging colleagues across science and research to further strengthen our linkages for Scotland’s benefit. Our scientists and researchers are partners in many world-leading breakthroughs. This is something we should all take pride in, and use to drive home the message that Scotland is a great place for science and research.”

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