Radstone Hotel Tesla supercharge Charing Point installation


WE’RE excited to announce the launch of our first TESLA Electronic Supercharge Charging Hub at the Radstone Hotel. With 16 Supercharge points, our hotel now boasts the largest public Supercharge Charging Hub in Scotland. What’s more, these charging points support all CCS compatible vehicles, meaning you don’t need to own a TESLA car to charge here.

Our charging facilities are available 24/7 with fast charging capabilities, providing an effective and convenient source for both hotel guests and visitors. By introducing these Supercharge points, the RAD Hotel Group is committed to promoting sustainable practices and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Commenting on this installation, Robert Kyle, Director of Radstone Hotel, stated, “At the Radstone Hotel, we take proactive steps to minimize our environmental impact while meeting our guests’ needs. The introduction of our Electronic Supercharge Charging points aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing sustainable solutions and reducing our overall impact.”

At the RAD Hotel Group, we’re conscious of our environmental impact and constantly seek ways to reduce and improve our contributions within the hospitality sector. In addition to our charging points, we’ve implemented various other sustainable initiatives across our properties:

Installation of Biomass boilers across our venues to encourage a lower carbon footprint.
Introduction of solar panels to promote green, pollution-free energy.
Use of locally sourced produce to support local businesses and reduce emissions.
Ongoing partnerships with accredited waste management companies for safe disposal of hotel waste.
Recycling procedures at each venue.
Use of LED lighting throughout venues to encourage energy-efficiency.
The RAD Hotel Group is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices across all our venues, prioritizing the reduction of our carbon footprint and striving to meet new sustainable standards within the hospitality sector.

For more information about the RAD Hotel Group’s sustainability initiatives, please visit radhotelgroup.com/sustainability or call us at 01290 428779.

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