Retired Maths teacher set to disrupt the education sector in Scotland with innovative app

Diane Duguid of Intelligent Learning Solutions
Diane Duguid of Intelligent Learning Solutions

RETIRED Aberdeenshire-based teacher, Diane Duguid, has engaged thousands of Scottish students with her newly developed app designed to give students the resources to revise and pass their Higher Maths exam, no matter their background.

The cost of living crisis we are facing here in the UK is set to have the biggest impact on children and families in regeneration areas across Scotland, most of whom already could not afford the luxury of private tuition. Tools such as the ILS app can be the difference between young people achieving their desired grades in school and missing out on future career and further education opportunities.

“As an ex Maths teacher I would see students struggle with independent study and I knew there had to be a better way to revise without placing the financial burden on some already struggling families, so I began developing the idea for a new app that would see the need for private tuition reduced and the financial and mental health stresses associated with exam season alleviated,” Diane Duguid, founder of Intelligent Learning Solutions.

The ILS app covers all 14 SQA approved maths topics students will face as part of their Higher Maths exam, broken down into digestible sections with explainer animations and content that allows students to study in a way that suits them.

“One of the functions of the app I was most passionate about incorporating from the beginning was the ability for users to choose the topics that are most relevant to their independent study to keep costs low for students and their parents,” Diane Duguid, founder of Intelligent Learning Solutions.

Following a successful period of testing with students at an academy in Aberdeen City, where students were given full access of the app, ILS received resoundingly positive feedback from students and educators alike which furthered Diane’s mission to make Maths accessible for all. Diane hopes to work with local authorities to roll the app out to schools across Scotland, enabling licensing and access for all.

“ILS doesn’t tell you how to do the maths, the app shows you how to understand it, and makes learning, revising and succeeding a breeze,” Diane Duguid, founder of Intelligent Learning Solutions.

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