RiverSafe partners with Checkmarx to enhance enterprise DevSecOps from code to production


RiverSafe, a leading Application Security, DevOps and Cyber Security professional services provider, has partnered with Checkmarx, the industry leader in cloud-native application security for the enterprise, to help organisations fortify their security landscape amid rising global threats.

A recent report unveiled concerning statistics. 84 per cent of codebases contain open-source vulnerabilities, with 91 per cent featuring outdated components, demanding heightened security throughout the software development life cycle. On average, open-source components make up 73 per cent of total code across industries, posing substantial risks.

Furthermore, RiverSafe’s recent Underfunded and Under Reported report highlighted escalating security concerns for businesses pinpointing a critical threat, insufficient investment in essential tools, ranking second only to artificial intelligence (AI). On the whole, there is great concern among CISOs and their security teams regarding their organisation’s application usage.

While security remains a top priority for CISOs, developers are under increasing pressure to deliver products faster, which can cause a friction between agility and security. 

This partnership, built with developers in mind, will combine the powerful capabilities of the Checkmarx platform with RiverSafe’s Application Security expertise, ensuring that security is integrated throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), enabling developers to create more secure products without slowing down the development process.

Oseloka Obiora, CTO and Co Founder of RiverSafe, commented: “At RiverSafe, we understand the challenges organisations face in AppSec, especially amidst the ever-evolving threat landscape. That’s why we adopt a security-first approach to software development. By partnering with Checkmarx, we empower enterprise businesses to innovate confidently.

“Our collaboration seamlessly integrates threat intelligence into the software development lifecycle, ensuring that security vulnerabilities are identified and addressed proactively.”

Yigal Elstein, Chief Revenue Officer at Checkmarx, said: “SAST and source code analysis (SCA) are not enough to secure cloud-native applications. In the age of digital transformation, it’s imperative to provide the enterprise with robust, consolidated application security solutions from code to cloud. Teaming up with RiverSafe, with their unparalleled expertise across cyber, application security, and DevOps, provides important context and threat intelligence to our customers. This partnership not only enhances visibility and control over coding environments but also empowers security and development teams to prioritize critical vulnerabilities effectively with a superior developer experience.”

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