ScotlandIS partners with Frog Systems to prioritise mental health support to Scottish tech sector

Karen Meechan, CEO, ScotlandIS

IN an attempt to tackle the emerging mental health challenges across the tech industry, ScotlandIS has announced a new partnership with software company, Frog Systems. The deal will see more than 33,000 ScotlandIS members’ staff get full access to its wellbeing streaming platform Ashia, which is designed to help more employers support the health of their staff, at a specially discounted rate.

ScotlandIS members will receive a 20% discount to access the full benefits of the platform which provides personalised support to help users cope with the pressures of the workplace and home life.

Ashia provides employees with a comprehensive range of on-demand resources, covering more than 16 major wellbeing areas including stress, grief, menopause, fertility, and money matters as well as challenging issues such as abuse, drinking, drugs and gambling, Content is regularly updated and includes interviews, podcasts, and panel sessions as well as tips and advice from leading experts and practitioners.

With around 18 million workdays lost to mental health conditions in the UK every year, encouraging employers to invest in a supportive wellbeing culture in the workplace is a top priority for ScotlandIS.

ScotlandIS CEO, Karen Meechan, said: “More than anything else, the Scottish tech sector relies on its incredibly talented people to drive the industry’s growth. Our global reputation for innovation and technological development is based on the skills we are able to attract and retain. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to support and protect their staff. It will be particularly beneficial for organisations on tighter budgets, where offering health insurance for employees isn’t always feasible. Driving a culture of wellbeing doesn’t just mean providing good pay and traditional benefits – it goes further than that.

“A recent combination of skills shortages, job loss and a turbulent economic climate has sent stress levels across the Scottish tech sector soaring in recent months. This means it has never been more important for employers to do everything they can to support staff mental health. With Ashia, we hope our members will be better equipped to support their staff in the months ahead.”

Phil Worms, Chief Executive Officer at Frog Systems said: “For far too long we’ve relied on wellbeing solutions that are designed for big business, which offer ‘point of crisis’ support, are difficult to administer and don’t engage employees.

“We believe that workplace wellbeing is a right and should be available to everyone, which is why we created Ashia. Working with ScotlandIS we are providing an affordable way for its members to help their staff lead happier and healthier lives and foster a positive and sustainable future for Scotland’s digital economy.”

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