Scotland’s CivTech 9 Accelerator reveals winning innovators

The Scottish Government's Innovation Minister, Richard Lochhead, meets representatives of the winning companies for CivTech Round 9.

THIRTEEN cutting-edge tech companies, addressing challenges in environmental, healthcare, economic, and cyber-crime sectors, progress to the Accelerator stage of CivTech Round 9. The Scottish Government-backed program has up to £7.48 million in investment, fostering innovative solutions with AI, drones, and satellites. Winning firms collaborate closely with Challenge Sponsors to develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and vie for contracts ranging from hundreds of thousands to £1.3 million.

The Scottish Government-backed CivTech 9 Accelerator unveils the 13 winning companies set to tackle diverse public sector challenges. Innovations range from technology aiding women with workplace menopause symptoms to satellite monitoring preventing tree disease spread and advanced drone systems managing deer populations. The CivTech program, with up to £7.48 million in Scottish Government investment, fosters these solutions, aiming to develop impactful Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) over the coming months.

Previous CivTech Challenges yielded innovations like a Virtual Reality program for court evidence familiarisation, an app streamlining tenement building repairs, and AI-powered voice recognition aiding swift connections to Citizens Advice bureaus. The Accelerator Stage, launched by Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead, emphasises the program’s commitment to advancing technologies, including AI, machine learning, satellites, and drones, to address real-world challenges and enhance Scotland’s societal and economic landscape.

In response to the announcement, Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead expresses confidence in CivTech’s ability to leverage technology for positive impacts, highlighting its role in building a stronger, fairer economy. The program aligns with the government’s focus on fostering innovation, creating job opportunities, and boosting skills through cutting-edge solutions.

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