Scottish biotech ILC Therapeutics signs R&D partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals

Scottish biotech ILC Therapeutics has signed a R&D partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

SCOTTISH biotech ILC Therapeutics has signed a R&D partnership with Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC which will see international veterinary group Dechra and ILC Therapeutics develop ILC’s Caniferon product to treat atopic dermatitis in dogs.  Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema affecting humans and canines, with the global canine market for atopic dermatitis exceeding $1bn.  

Dechra is a global specialist in veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products.  The company’s expertise is in the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of high quality veterinary endocrinology and topical dermatology products for veterinarians worldwide.  The veterinary medicine group that is listed on the London Stock Exchange reported revenue of £681.8 million in its latest financial year, and employs almost two thousand people. 

Dr Alan Walker, CEO of ILC Therapeutics, said: “While ILC’s main focus to date has been around human health, the partnership with Dechra is a validation of our technology and the potential to develop products in the animal health market.  The industry as a whole has experienced a pandemic-driven increase in pet ownership and pet care, and we see considerable growth prospects for the product.” 

Ian Page, Dechra’s Chief Executive Officer commented: “We are pleased to enter into this research agreement in a therapeutic sector of the market which is a key area of focus for Dechra. Although at a relatively early stage of research, we see real possibilities for the technology to lead to a full development programme to add to our exciting pipeline.”

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