Scottish Government launches Silicon Valley hub for Scotland’s top start-ups


IN a move signalling a significant stride in Scotland’s tech landscape, the Scottish Government has inaugurated its first “Techscaler hub” in the United States, establishing a vital link between Scotland’s burgeoning start-up scene and the renowned realm of Silicon Valley.

Nestled within San Francisco’s dynamic South Park district, adjacent to the city’s thriving venture capital epicentre, the hub offers office space for a dozen promising start-ups.

Techscaler, introduced initially in November 2022, has already established community hubs across various locales in Scotland, fostering an environment of education, mentorship, and collaborative workspaces for emerging tech enterprises.

Welcoming the launch, Wellbeing Economy Secretary Màiri McAllan hailed the hub’s potential, highlighting its role in spotlighting Scotland’s promising start-ups on the global stage.

McAllan remarked, “Our £42m Techscaler network is showcasing some of Scotland’s most promising start-ups on the global stage. The pilot Techscaler San Francisco hub is helping their businesses make connections in the world’s leading start-up community.”

She continued, “The benefits are clear, our start-ups are expanding their networks and engaging with communities of like-minded individuals of owners, start-ups and investors – this will help increase their visibility and grow their businesses in the global marketplace.”

McAllan further underscored Scotland’s ambition to emerge as a frontrunner in Europe’s start-up ecosystem, positioning the nation as a beacon of innovation on the international stage while fostering an equitable and thriving economy.

Daniel Grant, founder of and one of the inaugural occupants of the hub, lauded the initiative, citing its energising effect and its potential to connect entrepreneurs with global tech luminaries.

Grant elaborated, “Joining the San Francisco hub has energised me, and enabled me to connect with people from around the world working at the forefront of tech.”

Describing San Francisco’s unique allure, Grant added, “The power of San Francisco is the velocity at which information moves through the city. It is a hyper-charged network that accelerates innovation, and connects founders with collaborators, prospects and investors faster than anywhere else in the world.”

The launch of the hub coincides with another significant development. McAllan revealed that a £24.5m grant from the Scottish Government facilitated Japanese firm Sumitomo Electric Industries’ investment in a new cable factory for the offshore wind sector in the Highlands.

This investment, lauded by First Minister Humza Yousaf as “great news” for Scotland’s economy, is expected to create 330 jobs and attract £350m of inward investment, underscoring Scotland’s commitment to its green revolution as a cornerstone of economic prosperity.

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