Software firm gets in sync to target global expansion

Mike Hall (Besyncly MD)

SOARING demand for a product that can integrate many of the most popular business software programmes has led to a complete rebrand, as its creators eye global expansion.

Besyncly, formerly Cloud Data Exchange, helps ecommerce and other firms to ensure their vital systems “speak to each other”, automating data transfers across accountancy software, ecommerce platforms and CRMs, including the likes of Sage, Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero and eBay.

The integration tool has already handled tens of millions of transactions of data this year, and is up 70% on the same period in 2021, resulting in hundreds of working hours saved per year for its clients[1].

The market leading Besyncly product offering is the result of 15 years of development by its founders at £5.5m-turnover Eureka Solutions, a leading business solutions technology firm.

Mike Hall, Managing Director of the Besyncly arm of Eureka Solutions, said: “This reimagining of our brand comes at a perfect time and has galvanised the whole business.”

“The manual transferring of data is still the bane of business life. While the platforms businesses use every day can be brilliant, they rarely speak to each other leaving gaps that must be filled – a laborious and unrewarding task.”

“The result is damaging for businesses on three fronts: the huge amount of time that is lost, the delay in data being updated and ultimately the errors that creep in and render data unreliable.”

“For customers that can result in products showing as being in stock when they aren’t, shipments delayed, dispatch notices failing to send – and even lost orders. Besyncly helps address all of this – leaving businesses to focus on growth and the future.”

While Besyncly will initially focus on consolidating and expanding its growing UK business, the simplified rebrand does enable expansion into other territories, with the US earmarked as a key area that could bring supercharged growth in the future.

An immediate priority is for the team to expand its network of partners, the likes of web agencies and ecommerce advisors that can put the Besyncly solution in front of scores of clients.

Mike added: “Software integration is a real buzzword at the moment, borne out of the fact that a lack of it is an impediment to businesses growing.”

“There is no limit to Besyncly’s potential as these problems are faced by businesses regardless of their geography.”

“We already have an experienced team selling, implementing and supporting the product. We have 40 readily-available connectors – the links between two platforms – and our teams can also build bespoke connectors for clients.”

“These solutions don’t exist at our place in the market. We already work with two/three person businesses right up to £1billion-plus firms, because the solution expands with the business.”

The founders of Besyncly, Eureka Solutions, has grown to become a leading business systems provider for Oracle NetSuite and Sage software platforms.  

The East Kilbride headquartered business is widely recognised for its expertise in unifying the business systems of growing organisations and combines technical expertise with personalised, customer-led service to help businesses run more effectively, efficiently and profitably.  

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