Stacy Thomson’s REDDI app revolutionises dating with a mindful approach to brain chemistry

Stacy Thomson

STACY THOMSOM, a London-based mental health expert, has launched REDDI, a groundbreaking matchmaking and dating app designed to reshape brain chemistry and foster healthier relationships. Diverging from conventional dating apps associated with addiction and dissatisfaction, REDDI advocates for a mindful and intentional approach to dating.

Online dating has become the primary method for couples to meet, according to a 2019 Stanford University study. In 2022, over 366 million individuals sought love through online dating services, and this number is projected to rise to 440 million by 2027.

Traditional dating apps often contribute to addiction and dissatisfaction by overwhelming users with choices. REDDI addresses this issue by recognizing the brain’s dopamine release and its role in pleasure receptors. The app aims to combat chronic dissatisfaction by advocating “slow dating with intention,” challenging the belief that more options lead to better outcomes.

Stacy Thomson, REDDI’s founder and a mental health practitioner, is motivated by scientific concerns regarding the unsustainable levels of dopamine stimulation prevalent in modern dating culture. Acknowledging the impact on mental health and relationships, REDDI aims to bring about positive change.

Joining REDDI means embracing a paradigm shift in dating culture. The app encourages users to adopt a “less is more” mentality, challenging automatic short-term gratification sought by pleasure receptors. REDDI provides support and guidance to users navigating this shift, empowering them to build intentional, fulfilling connections that withstand the test of time.

Stacy Thomson emphasises that we are not beyond the point of no return and should not allow chronic dissatisfaction to become the norm. REDDI is positioned as a transformative guide toward intentional and fulfilling relationships.To learn more, visit REDDI.

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