Sunamp signs first UK Head of Terms with Fischer Future Heat

Sunamp manufacturing plant in East Lothian
Sunamp manufacturing plant in East Lothian

Thermal storage company Sunamp has signed a memorandum of understanding with Leicester based Fischer Future Heat to supply Fischer’s Aquafficient heat batteries. It marks the first large-scale UK OEM contract for Sunamp.

Fischer Future Heat, which specialises in smart electric heating systems manufactured in Germany, is already replacing traditional hot water cylinders with compact heat batteries manufactured in East Lothian by Sunamp to supply hot water for customers and expect to rapidly ramp up to thousands of units per annum. The HoT sets out the basis of an ongoing relationship and product development goals with Sunamp.

Based on phase change material which can capture heat in a variety of ways, Sunamp heat battery technology is aimed at maximizing the penetration of renewables and minimizing fuel bills. They complement Fischer’s electric heating systems by delivering cascades of hot water with demonstrated savings on utility bills and have a proven lifecycle of over 40,000 cycles, which is equivalent to over 50 years of normal use.

Commenting on the agreement, CEO and founder of Fischer Future Heat Keith Bastian said: “Our Aquafficient heat batteries are the ideal replacement for bulky, outdated water cylinders. Energy saving and efficient, they are seamlessly compatible with off-peak electricity, Solar PV and Heat Pumps. Our agreement with Sunamp paves the way for less reliance on fossil fuels and an increase in cleaner air and energy efficiency. The future is electric.”

Andrew Bissell, CEO at Sunamp, said: “This agreement sets out the terms for our first major contract in the UK at this scale, and is a significant milestone in our long term business plan to explore strategic opportunities nationally and internationally, and to develop meaningful collaborations.  We are delighted that our relationship with Fischer Future Heat is set to continue and to grow. We have a shared ambition to bring new choices for consumers who care about home comfort, efficiency and the environment, and our advanced expertise in thermal energy storage has delivered super compact heat batteries which can store four times more heat than the hot water tanks they replace, as well as cutting carbon emissions and fuel costs.”

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