Talking Medicines appoints Socialgist to increase data source coverage

Elizabeth Fairley

DATA insights firm Talking Medicines, specialist in AI driven ‘social intelligence’ for the pharmaceutical industry, has signed a contract with Socialgist to increase its data source coverage, and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients.

Talking Medicine’s AI platform, PatientMetRx® offers a new way of listening to how patients are experiencing medicines in the real world and expressing the effectiveness of those medicines through a Patient Confidence Score. This unique metric provides pharma marketers with actionable insights they can use to drive decisions.

Working with Socialgist will allow Talking Medicines to ethically accessed high-quality, patient rich publicly available data sources can then be distilled into actionable insights through PatientMetRx®.

Talking Medicines Founder and COO, Dr Elizabeth Fairley, said: “For too long, the gap between patients and pharma has been restrictive in letting companies really understand how patients feel about their medicines and where they would like to see products improved. We are committed to finding the patient voice, wherever it is, making sure those insights are heard to help drive key decisions within pharmaceutical companies as well as improving outcomes for patients.

“PatientMetRx® allows us to understand how patients are feeling about and reacting to launched medicines and this new partnership with Socialgist gives us access to a diverse multitude of sources, in hard to reach places, which will add an extra level of insight to our platform for our customers.”

Jay Krall, Chief Product Officer at Socialgist, said: “A decade ago, healthcare providers weren’t among the first industries to derive useful insights from public social media. Now, leading firms like Talking Medicines are helping them achieve a new understanding of the patient experience. We’re proud to partner with them to increase signal for analysts and researchers, while ensuring privacy protection.” 

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