Tech Firm’s surging growth supports Scottish hospitality bounce-back

Left to right: Bhas Kalangi and Andrew Gibbon

HOSPITALITY technology specialist ePOS Hybrid has revealed a significant uplift across all parts of its business as it played a key role in helping hospitality sector clients to overturn the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the last 18 months ePOS Hybrid increased its client portfolio by more than 290% and has also seen product usage rocket by 300% in the last 12 months – as both businesses and customers have adjusted to using more hospitality-based tech during and post-lockdown.

The Edinburgh-based firm – which offers a suite of fully connected point-of-sale solutions to a wide range of takeaways, bars, restaurants and other hospitality businesses across the world – is now gearing up for another round of investor funding to support its future expansion plans.

The market leading disruptive technology developed by the business can automate a bar or restaurant’s operations, streamline processes and enhance efficiency for both staff and customers. 

Managers can receive in-depth reports and analysis of everything from tracking stock and food waste to reservations and capacity, while fully-branded online ordering platforms and mobile apps can be built and launched by users themselves within minutes, empowering hospitality businesses to take advantage of the growing online ordering and home delivery markets to drive online revenues while avoiding large third party commissions.  

Founder and CEO of ePOS Hybrid, Bhas Kalangi, said: “The growth of ePOS Hybrid over the last 18 months can only be described as exponential – and we’re already on target to dwarf this growth in 2022. 

“Despite the Covid-related challenges many businesses have faced over the last 18 months, demand for our products from customers in the hospitality sector have risen by more than 290%.”

“Since 2020, total platform transactions have increased by more than 7,000%, up from around £970,000 to £78 million. This has been fuelled by increased demand from hospitality operators for transformative technologies which help to streamline their business and to meet head-on the changes in consumer trends and behaviour such as the massive switch to online ordering and home delivery.”

“Operators have had to up their game and become much savvier in using technology to maintain  their profit margins, in an environment where wholesale and staffing costs are rising and to meet the challenge of improving the customer experience. That is driving demand for our suite of integrated point-of-sale solutions.”

Since its launch in January 2020, ePOS Hybrid’s tech has processed in excess of £78 million in transactions and more than six million people have used the firm’s products to buy a food or drink item.

ePOS Hybrid has continued to lead innovation within the industry throughout the pandemic as it continues to position itself for explosive international growth. 

Its latest just-launched service features a level of product automation never seen before within the sector. Now, instead of customers having to go through a lengthy sales and onboarding process – typically taking weeks – business owners can buy, onboard and launch any of ePOS Hybrid’s dedicated hospitality products within minutes, directly from their website. 

Using fully automated and intelligent customer onboarding, now even non-tech savvy customers can launch everything from a fully branded website with online ordering capabilities to a dedicated Apple & Android listed mobile app instantly, with no previous experience or knowledge. Even setting up a once complicated ePOS terminal is now done in minutes from a single dashboard and without the need of a dedicated customer onboarding team.  

Bhas said: “This level of product automation has never been seen before, and we’re excited to be leading innovation within our sector. Our automation will allow us to scale and scale quickly, being able to onboard international customers in volume while not being limited by sales team capacity or complex, multi-touch sales cycles.” 

“While we automate the SME market and simplify the setup process for our small, independent customers around the world, our growth teams have greater available resource to better serve multi-location, enterprise clients with more complex requirements.”

ePOS Hybrid – which has operations at two sites in Edinburgh and one in London – already boasts an extensive portfolio of clients throughout the UK and Ireland. 2022 will see aggressive growth into European and global markets.

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