Tech leaders gather for Venkat Venkatraman Fusion Strategy book launch


TECHNOLOGY industry leaders gathered in central London to celebrate the launch of Venkat Venkatraman’s new book; Fusion Strategy: How Real-Time Data and AI Will Power the Industrial Future.

The event, organised in partnership with AND Digital, took place in Marylebone, London on Tuesday evening and saw over 50 senior executives and digital strategists gather to discuss the book’s findings as well as the crucial role digital transformation is playing in reshaping industries.

Addressing the audience, Mr Venkatraman explained how tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google are already collecting real-time data from billions of users. He added that getting access to data-rich information for smaller companies is becoming possible due to the rise of cheap and powerful sensors, supercomputing, and artificial intelligence.

He told audience members that the laws of competitive advantage are changing, rewarding companies who have the most robust, data-driven insights rather than the most valuable assets. Mr Venkatraman said that to compete in the new digital age, companies need to use real-time data to turbocharge their products, strategies, and customer relationships.

Will Sargeant, UK General Manager, AND Digital said: “Technology is rapidly transforming the way businesses gather and optimise data to improve decision making and drive growth. It was fantastic to hear Venkat’s unique insights and predictions about the future of the tech industry and the steps companies need to take to stay ahead of the curve in a period of digital disruption.”

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