Techscaler launches first scaleup programme in partnership with Silicon Valley-based Reforge

Members of the Techscaler team and Reforge cohort at CodeBase this week (by Stewart Attwood)

TECHSCALER has launched its first scaleup programme in partnership with Silicon Valley-based Reforge.  Amiqus, Chauffeur Drive Systems, CodeClan, Cyacomb, Dyneval, For-Sight, Grafterr, Krucial, Kythera AI, Phlo Technologies, Loveelectric, MarkToMarket, On-Line Booking Co-Operative for Scotland, Relaymed, Robotical, Valla, and VeryConnect are among the Techscaler member organisations who have  joined the Reforge cohort in March.  In total, 47 individuals from the 17 organisations will participate.

Global scaleup professional development platform Reforge specialises in connecting product and growth professionals with the insights, strategies and frameworks of tech executives who have launched and scaled some of the leading companies of the last decade including HubSpot, Slack, Zapier, and more. Reforge will deliver advanced training for the established companies in the cohort, who are gaining traction and looking to scale.

Techscaler, the Scottish Government’s £42 million programme to support the growth of tech startups across Scotland, was awarded to CodeBase, the UK’s largest technology incubator, in July 2022.  Techscaler offers a suite of support to startup founders in Scotland including mentorship, community, workspace, and education.  Techscaler courses are tailored to each stage of the startup journey, from ideation through to scaling, and beyond. 

Eligible organisations that become Techscaler members can receive free access to Reforge courses and education, worth thousands of pounds per year, as part of their membership. Alongside access to Reforge courses, the cohort will be supported by Techscaler’s Education team through mentorship, study groups, and expert help and advice from local industry operators.  Overall, the collaboration between Techscaler and Reforge aims to empower tech entrepreneurs and employees in Scotland with the practical knowledge, guidance, and resources needed to take their businesses to the next level.

Shona Marsh, Head of Education Programmes at CodeBase, said: “The partnership with Reforge brings Silicon Valley playbooks, scaleup experience and best practices to Scotland, to help companies accelerate their growth.  We have some fantastic people in the first cohort, from interesting and impactful scaleups, with their own strong experience to add value to the community, and they now get the chance to learn from experts who have been instrumental in the growth of some of the world’s best known tech groups. Participants will be able to learn from the successes and failures of those who have been there and done it before through Reforge case studies, so it will be invaluable for the cohort to immerse themselves in the key principles that have underpinned so many successful ventures.” 

Fareed Mosavat, Chief Development Officer at Reforge, said: “We have already developed a great working relationship with CodeBase, and we’re excited that the first Techscaler cohort has joined Reforge.  Our team greatly looks forward to working with talented founders and executives from the Scottish tech scene.”

Marlou Siemerink, Senior Product Manager at Cyacomb, said: “From first impressions, Reforge is a really great platform with fantastic content. We feel privileged and energised to gain access to such valuable insights from industry operators who have done it before, and we’re looking forward to meeting with and learning alongside other startup specialists.”

Techscaler runs a range of programmes and courses, including Startup Basics, Startup First Steps, and Startup Next Steps, online and in person across 7 regional hubs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dumfries, and Inverness.  The Startup Basics course was launched in December and can be accessed at any time via the Techscaler online community, First Steps begins soon – with enrolment for the upcoming cohort open until 5th April, and Next Steps is set to start in September. 

Earlier this year, CodeBase launched CodeBase Bridge: Playbooks for Building Startups, a course for postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh.  Funded by the Edinburgh Futures Institute, the accredited, elective course is for students with early-stage startup ideas, who are keen to learn more about technology, startup thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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