Three Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) still accepting investor money on the last day of the tax year

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Nicholas Hyett, Investment Manager at Wealth Club commented;

“THE tax year end always leads to a bit of a last minute rush as investors look to make the most of tax reliefs with annual allowances – things like ISAs, Pensions and Venture Capital Relief. Many of these allowances are “use it or lose it” – which means you can’t carry over unused allowances into future years (or the carry over is limited).

Only three of our featured Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) allow investors to invest right up until the last day of the tax year; Maven VCTs, Molten Ventures VCT and Pembroke VCT. And even they are subject to capacity. Wealth Club alone saw £1.7 million of VCT investments in the last three days of the tax year in 2023.

However, between them they include a wide range of underlying investments, ranging from medical grade lasers that improve users’ skin, to banking technology platform ‘Thought Machine’ and even a state of the art crematoria. That’s as well as well as the potential for 30% income tax relief up front.”

  • Maven VCTs – Deadline: Friday 5th April, 9am
  • Venture capital investing is risky, and Maven actively looks to manage that risk. It does that through investments in more mature companies operating in defensive or counter-cyclical sectors, as well as deal structuring and portfolio diversification. The VCTs have an average of more than 100 underlying holdings.
  • Molten Ventures VCT – Deadline: Friday 5th April, 10am
  • Managed by one of Europe’s most established venture capital firms, the VCT usually invests alongside parent Molten Ventures Plc. That pedigree has given the VCT access to some of Europe fastest growing businesses, notably ‘Thought Machine’ which was valued at more than $1 billion at its last investment round.
  • Pembroke VCT – Deadline: Friday 5th April, 12pm (noon)
  • Pembroke’s portfolio includes a mixture of tech and business services, but it has particular expertise in consumer exposed businesses. Its largest holding, LYMA recently saw its medical-grade beauty laser voted one of the best inventions of 2023 and it ranked 11th in the Sunday Times list of fast-growing UK private companies.

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